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  1. V

    My first brom and pups

    Here it is: This is my first bromeliad and I've had no expierence with broms before. I'm following the few directions given on them in The Savage Garden By Peter D' Amato. It is currently under the same flourescent light as my vft cuttings from fall and I'm giving it the same distilled...
  2. N

    That pesky grasshopper!!

    Hi, Do you remember not long ago I showed a photo of a grasshopper enjoying the bromeliad flower. Well, obviously my nepenthes didn't do such a good job of attracting it, since last weekend I saw 'it' or one of its' family happily eating my fireball bromeliad! Here is a close-up.
  3. E

    Looking for bromeliads/tillandsias

    Hi i have some tillandsia's and a bromeliad and was wanting to grow some more if any body has any extra pups or plants of any tillandsias or bromeliads i could trade some mexican ionantha's that i am getting but only 2 or 3 also i have 3 pregnant onion plants to trade to i could also send a...
  4. N

    I love bromeliads,especially the flowers.

    I love growing bromeliads. I also love seeing them bloom, so when I recently bought this bromeliad I waited a week then took it's photo. I then took a closer look at the bloom and I noticed that some-one (or something!) was also enjoying my bromeliad bloom. A grasshopper!! I wonder whether...
  5. N

    Where are my cacti?

    Ferns grow like weeds here in Singapore. Not just in the cacti pots but also in the larva stones as well. This is a pot of ferns that I pulled up from another nearby bromeliad bed. As much as I love ferns sometimes you have to just pull them up or keep on cutting them back.
  6. N

    I love ferns but when they takeover,.....

    I used to have a nice little bromeliad crypthanthus earthstar bed on my balcony. I covered the pots and surrounding areas with larva stones and it looked quite nice,..for a few months before ferns appeared not only in the pots but also growing amongst the stones. I had to take out all the...
  7. N

    Bromeliad with flower

    The flowers look like the flowers from a banana plant. http://community.webshots.com/photo/72816147/92501152kFRhUc
  8. D

    Minature bromeliad

    I need some help growing minature Bromeliad, I'm planning on adding them to a cork bark background, and there are small gaps where they will fit. Am I suppose to use a soil mixture or some type of moss, and do I live in submerged in deep moist soil, or Do i mist constantly. Also, I heard they...
  9. Copper


    I am down to the last two basal buds. This plant became ill with another plant in my lowland tank. I found that the problem started with a Bromeliad I had purchased at the local Wal-mart. I did not realize it had developed rot inside. The Bromeliad died promptly and with terrible odor. The...
  10. goldtrap2690

    ?brocchinia reducta

    i rmeber there was a post her ei made a while ago about this carnivorous bromeliad but i can't find it no more , anyways , how much lgiht can this plany handle , tis the only plant i have so i don't want to take risk and also what temps can it handle as well . my plant is small , its in a 3 inch...
  11. N

    Bromeliad id needed

    Can anyone help with the id of this bromeliad? It has stiff leaves with spines. The leaves are a deep red, almost black in sunlight. http://community.webshots.com/album/78046190TIWdDi Thanks for any suggestions. Happy growing, Neil.
  12. L

    Utricularia in action

    I wanted to share with everyone a chance to see Heliamphora, Utricularia, and Drosera growing in habitat on the 9000-foot high plateau in Venezuela, Mount Roraima. David Atteborough has a 6-volume video series titled 'The Private Life of Plants'; in volume 6, "It's a Jungle Out There", you can...
  13. M


    Has anyone grown one of these? My flower is dying, and I read that when the flower dies, the whole plant goes with it. Is this true? Actually, I am not sure if my flower is dying... it is loosing its color, and just looks BLAH. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
  14. T

    Going insane

    I have been hunting for one special type of bromeliad that I just cant seem to find! And what doesnt help much is I have no clue what the exact name for its type is. Ive gone to the bromeliad society website and they have so many pictures I thought my eyes would fall out! Maybe someone can tell...
  15. S

    Plant Photos!

    My plants in and out of my home. Some of my cacti. African Violets rescued from near death at the grocery store. CP aren't the only plants they can kill. Bird of Paradise, got 1gallon pot with 3 plants that weren't in good condition at all but were at a giveaway price. So I decided to save...
  16. T

    Utrics in bromeliad urns

    Does any body know of some and grow them. How easey are they to grow and how do you grow them. Thank you
  17. T

    Utrics in small pots

    I was thinking that since some utrics grow in bromeliad urns wich can be big and small. If you were to grow a species that grows like that could you grow it in a smallish pot. Since they put out little runners to other urns would they do this when they filled up there pot. I was thinking of...