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Utrics in small pots

I was thinking that since some utrics grow in bromeliad urns wich can be big and small. If you were to grow a species that grows like that could you grow it in a smallish pot. Since they put out little runners to other urns would they do this when they filled up there pot. I was thinking of getting one and in a since grow it in a couple pots instead of one large one.

This is a very interesting idea and I would love to hear the results if you do try it.

Some thoughts though:

1) I would recommend you go with undrained pots.

2) Remember that small pots will probably need frequent watering.

3) I don't know it as a fact but I have heard that Utrics that grow in bromeliad urns only tend to throw out runners as a responce to drying conditions (this would kind of make sense, as the plant gets moves out from the center it gets less water and so unless it "moves" it is going to die.)

4) I would guess (and it is only a guess) that once the plant gets established in its new pot the runner between the two would die.

These are just my thoughs and I am only throwing them out in an attempt to help.

Thank you pyro for the replie. I will let all of you guys know how it goes a long with pictures of my set up if it works