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  1. BrassLeaves

    Bromeliad ID

    I got this from a private grower in SC. Just to help with the ID: the flower stem is about 16" and the leaves are about 12"-14". It will flower one at a time or all growing points at once. This is just one flower when I took the opportunity to take a pic for ID. Thanks.
  2. elgecko

    Utricularia humboldtii help

    I'm not happy with the growth from my plant and want to see what others may be doing for their plant. My plant grows very few leaves a year. Is this normal with most other growers? It does form adventurous growth which I stick into other pots and it establishes itself and sends up a leaf or 2...
  3. Crissytal

    Brom for trade

    Hello guys. I have a Bromeliad that I bought about four months ago that I'd like to trade. It's rather large and I need the space. I believe it's a Cryptanthus variety but I'm not completely sure. When I got it, it was in rough condition. I still need to trim off the bottom leaves as can be...
  4. rattler


    U. humboldtii(i guess ill call it the terrestrial type?) "bromeliad type" humboldtii......have had it only a couple weeks and havent found a perminant home..... Utric terrarium(also houses young Neps and Orchids) U. alpina x endresii my hand is on U endresii..... U. alpina is just to...
  5. S

    Looking for Genlisea aurea, margaretae, repens, filiformis or others

    I have G. violacea 'giant', G. hispidula and G. lobata I can offer in trade. I also have some Catopsis berteroniana (carnivorous bromeliad) seeds, Drosophyllum seeds, and some Drosera pauciflora, D. moorei, D. venusta, and D. peltata gracilis seeds. Please PM me if you are interested in making a...
  6. FarmerDave

    Spider Plants

    Recently I've aquired an 'all green' spider plant and I was happening to wonder if this plant is some kind of a bromeliad, because it seems to look like some kind of bromeliad. thanks
  7. P

    Aechmea Fasciata - why not carnivorous?

    I sometimes find myself wondering why Brocchinia is considered a carnivorus/semi-carnivorous Bromeliad when Aechmea Fasciata (Urn Plant) is not. The latter also seems to have the crumbly, waxy deposit on it's leaves that the former has,  Aechmea also has a very pronounced central water cup -...
  8. Juan-Carlos

    Why grow hybrids?

    Hey guys, this dosent only go for Neps, but also for Sars. etc. Am I the only one the feels kinds guilty in growing hybrids? I Collect bromeliads and I personally dont bother with ANY of the bromeliad hybrids.. The way I see it, why cultivate and grow a hybrid when you can in its place grow a...
  9. herenorthere

    Free aechmea serrata - bromeliad

    No, it isn't carnivorous, but the serrata in its name means serrated and this is a large, blood-thirsty plant.  You won't see it catch a fly, but you can watch as it dismembers friends and family.  Or, if you have more space than I do, you'd keep it away from traffic and have a big, eye-catching...
  10. V

    Bromeliad offset propagation

    Trying to figure out how small of a pup one can "break" off of a mother plant and still have it do a tad more than just rot.
  11. J

    Horse ate bromeliad

    Hi all, My horse, and goats seem to think my bromeliads are like chocolate. I have a few native florida bromeliads that my horse nibbled on the flower. Will the plant survive? anyone know what i can do to help it along? She also ate a another variety, but the native ones i am most worried...
  12. emilias_garden

    Emilia's garden growing list.

    JORGE JOEL (EMILIA’S GARDEN) CP’S GROWING LIST. Mountains of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Nepenthes (Tropical Pitcher Plant): sanguinea ventricosa ‘Typical’ ventricosa ‘Red’ rafflessiana ‘Typical’ refflesiana ‘Gigantea’ ramispina x Dominii (rafflesiana x gracilis) x Judith Finn gracilis lowii...
  13. superimposedhope

    The final touches of the terarrium

    Ok, Some of you know i've been working on this terarrium for months now and its getting close to done. Heres the thing: I have 2 spots left for 2 plants; What should they be? So far I have in there: Epiphyllum crenatum 'ChiChiCastenango' var. 'Curly Locks' Tillandsia cyanea Tillandsia...
  14. S

    Water logged

    My bromeliad got water logged and its starting to show signs of weakness from to much water in the soil. I have it in a terrarium and have fixed the issue that was causing so much soil moisture. Should I remove the plant redo the soil and replant. Or will that damage the plant?? also I want to...
  15. NickHubbell

    Bromeliad brocchinia reducta

    Hello, Today my Brocchinia Reducta arrived in the mail. It is small, but there appears to be two plants in the pot. I have not grown a Brocchinia Reducta before and was wondering if anyone had some advice? My current understanding is that need: 1. Temps between 45°F and 85°F. 2. 60% Shade. 3...
  16. C

    Bromeliad flower falling!?!?

    I bought a bromeliad from a garden center and placed it in my vivarium about a month ago. It grew like crazy and looks healthier than when I got it but the flower/crown appears to be falling over and looks very weak like I could just pull it out. The rest of the leaves are still bright green and...
  17. C

    D. spathulata very new, very basic

    First Id like to say 'Hello,' I've been involved(read) almost all of the orchid and bromeliad sections, and Ive began to get those down. Ive put together two terrariums in the past year and am planning on doing more. Anyways my D.Spathulata was in one of the terrariums (with a lizard) and I...
  18. S

    Yep, another seed topic, bromeliad seed!

    How do I go about collecting it? I pollinated the flowers a few weeks ago, and the last flower died about a week ago. Can I harvest yet?
  19. S

    Bromeliad seed

    Hello, I pollinated some bromeliad flowers a few weeks ago, how/when do i go aobut collecting the seed? The last flowers have just bloomed and died
  20. K

    Wierd plants

    Okay, I have three really wierd cases with my plants, that all relate, First, i have a regular VFT, That keeps switching from a dente, to a regular then i have a bromeliad, that when it doesn't get enough water, and it's hot outside, it reverts back to a carnivorous one, then finally, I have a...