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That pesky grasshopper!!

Hi, Do you remember not long ago I showed a photo of a grasshopper enjoying the bromeliad flower. Well, obviously my nepenthes didn't do such a good job of attracting it, since last weekend I saw 'it' or one of its' family happily eating my fireball bromeliad!

Here is a close-up.
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Fortunately for the grasshopper I just took a few shots (with a camera only).
I'm far too nice to kill it. If it continues to do too much damage I may catch it and put it in my neighbours garden,.. hee hee.
Happy growing, Neil.
You should try a new dish - grasshopper satay, or just like what the Thai did - fried.
Btw, I have potted the fireball you gave me into 2 pots, they seem happy = no grasshopper  
Jalan Kayu, glad to know your fireball is doing okay and that I didn't pass you any grasshoppers at the same time!
Your sundew is also doing fine.
Happy growing, Neil