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?brocchinia reducta

i rmeber there was a post her ei made a while ago about this carnivorous bromeliad but i can't find it no more , anyways , how much lgiht can this plany handle , tis the only plant i have so i don't want to take risk and also what temps can it handle as well . my plant is small , its in a 3 inch pot but it does'nt seem to be growing too fast .
ugh , how did a question mark get in the topic name ?
Mine is under (8) 40 watt flourescent tubes, in 100% humidity. Current temps 80+F days, 70F nights. I mist frequently and keep the well filled with water. Basic bromelliad care works fine, if you are growing other species. Mine is a yearling, and growing well under these conditions.

I know a couple of people growing this plant. Everyone of them has it on a windowsill and ignores it (beside of watering). They grow nice, get many plantlets and flower. Why growing them in 100% humidity anyway?

Good growing!