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I am down to the last two basal buds. This plant became ill with another plant in my lowland tank. I found that the problem started with a Bromeliad I had purchased at the local Wal-mart. I did not realize it had developed rot inside. The Bromeliad died promptly and with terrible odor. The Gracilis had started developing blacked leaves at the same time. I have used a fungicide. I have changed its soil and pot, but it still continue in its slow demise. I removed it from the lowland tank, but it still continues to fail. I have even tired a little lite fert to no avail. Tonight, in a last ditch effort I have moved it to a new pot again, after I washed the root system. This time it is only in LF Sphagnum Moss. Any suggestions. The blackened leaves are not dry, but wettish and limp. The plant is not putting off an odor.
I think at this point all you can do is watch and wait. It sounds like it's undergone a lot of shocks. Simply bringing a nep home for me has usually resulted in a 2-week period of no growth. Your plant has been sick, fungicided, and replanted twice. The best thing, imo, would be to put it in good conditions and just wait and see what happens. Good luck!

Yes, I was afraid that I was doing to much, but I felt it was either try something or watch it die. I am going to place it back in the hot house and hope. I wish I knew what the Bromeliad had contracted, but at least all the other plants in the hot house are doing very well.

Is it wise to put it in the hot house with the other plants? It as in there with the others for weeks and they all continued to do fine. The bromeliad, of course, is gone.
Hmmm...You may want to keep it in isolation....you never know if what it had is gone until it either recovers (hopefuly) or passes.
Thanks, I will do so.
Sometimes Nepenthes get disease inside the stem ;< I wouldn't say 100% that it was from the other plant.

If you have 4-5+ inches of green healthy stem, I would suggest taking a cutting just in case. Just be sure not to cut too close to the brown stem since any disease inside the stem will not show on the outside. You want to be sure to get a clean cutting. If you cut the stem and look at the cut end, make sure it is not discolored at all. Other than that.. keep the plant warm and moderately moist and hopefully some of it will pull through.

Tony I think you are probably correct. Unfortunately there is not enough to try to save. All of the stem is brown and the two last buds are turning black. It appears to be a matter of time.

Thanks for your help, all of you.
Thanks for everyone's help, but the plant has passed on to the happy bog grounds in the sky.