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Tillandsia ionantha mex & funkiana

Hello guys! (Any lady here by the way??)

Yesterday i was at the Montreal's botanical garden looking for some cps, but they only has a couple of d.aliciae, some d.spatulata and a dionea box.

Then i saw these littles babys cryin"take me with you!"

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/dals09/7396149874/" title="Tillandsia ionantha mex (left) and funkiana de dals009, sur Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7224/7396149874_c8559bc2b2.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="Tillandsia ionantha mex (left) and funkiana"></a>

So, you know :)

But im really new to this. I know they need a total water flood 2-3 times a week.
Any tips/advices will be appreciated !

B'lieve I have both in the greenhouse. I never soak any of my Tillies and they are all poppin' off new pups all the time, and many have bloomed, some more than once. Then again, the GH stays at 85% humidity all day, so that probably helps. I do thoroughly mist them every few days. Tillies are fantastically addicting and they're incredibly easy to care for in my experience. Awesome plants.
I grow those two, actually just on my windowsill. I do a complete soak twice a week for a minute or two each, then put them right back on my windowsill right above my terrariums. I also mist them occasionally, but not too often. Bottom line, they're not very picky at all. My house has 55-60% humidity tops and they do just fine.
Update :)

Its not VERY interesting, but i have now a tillds family :)

very cool :) i kept these plants in with my hermit crabs. and i managed to kill the plants somehow lol
hermit crabs are nice ! do you have some pictures ?
nah, it was about ten years ago when i was a lil guy :) the plants were being sold at a flea market i think
I keep my tillie in with the orchids..some hang off the back of the rack, some tossed on top of the larger pot. I mist them bout every other day.
Agreed, they can become slightly addicting.
Where do you even get tillies? I think they would be awesome to add to the fridge.
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Api I have tons of them. And I can get pretty much any kind you want. A friend here breeds them (a painfully slow process) and they are sold at the farmers market and every nursery/hardware store/home dept. Let me know what kind you want (if you do want some). They're only a few bucks. My biggest ran me $6 lol. Three of mine are flowering right now. I'll take photos if you want..
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my tillds are from the Botanical garden in Montreal. Exept for the lil ones, they grow on my tilds and i just divide them.

But you can find a good selection at czplants.com
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I will try bromeliad fertilizer today, i hope for the best..
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