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Unknow Sarracenia

I buy that lil plant in a gift shop last october, in very bad growing conditions.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/dals09/7302551494/" title="unknow sarracenia de dals009, sur Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7101/7302551494_288d2ee50d.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="unknow sarracenia"></a>

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/dals09/7302542344/" title="unknow sarracenia de dals009, sur Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7098/7302542344_f69434b0e6.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="unknow sarracenia"></a>

Look like a rubra? but im not sure. And what kind of rubra ?

Definitely a rubra or rubra hybrid of some kind. Adult pitchers will help with an ID, give it another month or so for them to develop.
it's rubra rubra. The pitchers are very lanky in spring, and become stockier and red later in the year.