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Two flies one pitcher. Minus the crap eating.
hi! :D

Feel free to contact me with questions/coments.

I hope you enjoy and i love to trade! (in the USA only, sorry!)


gigantea "Robust plants now extinct at this location due to development. Canning Vale, W.A."---seeds
lamellata "30-50 cm. tall, location #3, Arrowsmith River, W.A."---seeds

follicularis x 2 1, 2, 3
follicularis "Dark Clones"
follicularis "plants turn dark red in full sunlight" Lowrie seeds

californica "mountain" x 2 1, 2

muscipula 'B52' 1, 2, 3,, [URL="http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo341/obregon562/DSCN0045-1.jpg"]4, 5, Flower
muscipula 'Red Dragon' 1, 2, 3

D. andersoniana
D. aff. tubaestylis--2 visable! 1, 2
D. binata "dichotoma giant" 1, 2, 3, 4
D. capensis "Red" 1, 2
D. capensis
D. sp. Carabuq
D. gigantea--visable!
D. helodes 1, 2, Flower, Flower 2
D. menziesii ssp. menziesii--2 visable!
D. nitidula x pulchella 1
D. roseana
D. ramellosa
D. scorpioidies 1, 2
D. zigzagia
D. zonaria--visable! 1

lusitanicum "Cerro De la Mua"---seeds

Highland/Intermediate Nepenthes:
alata "E"
alata x maxima
boschiana x ?? 1, 2
izumeae x trusmadiensis 1, 2, 3
x 'Judith Finn'
x 'Kona' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
x 'Lady Pauline' [Male] 1
maxima SG
maxima "Celebes Stripe" x "Broad Peristome" 1, 2
spathulata x boschiana KW 1, 2
x "Splendiana" x (x rokko x stenophylla)
thorelii x truncata EP [Female] 1, 2
ventricosa x truncata
ventricosa x maxima 1, 2

Lowland Nepenthes:
x "Caeser" (merrilliana x trucata)
truncata SG x 2 1, 2



x catesbaei "Appalachiola, FL" x (x "Wilkerson's Red")---seeds
x 'Cobra Nest' 1
x 'Danas Delight' x (x areolata)
flava "F.C. round mouth" 1, 2, 3, 4
jonesii 1
x "Leah Wilkerson" 1, Flower, 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7
x "Leah Wilkerson" x (x "Raspberry Sundae")---seeds
x "Leah Wilkerson" x (x 'Adrian Slack')---seeds
leucophylla "Titan" 1
leucophylla "Hurrican Creek White" 1, 2, 3, 4
minor 1, 2, 3
minor "okee giant"
minor x rubra 1
oreophila 1
oreophila x purpurea ssp. venosa---seeds
x "Red Sumatra" x (x "Wilkerson's Red")---seeds
x "Red Sun" x leucophylla "Santa Rosa Red"---seeds
rubra ssp. rubra "long-lid" 1, Flower
x Judith Hindle


debile-flowering! :D
lobuliflorum "insect trapping glandular inflorescene. Mirima, Kimberley" seeds


I get a huge kick out of growing things i can eat, namely exotic fruit:

Dragon Fruit---Hylocereus undatus 'Purple Haze'
Grape---Vitis vineifera 'Merlot'
Grape---Vitis v. 'Sangiovese'
Grape---Vitis californica 'Rogers Red'
Grape---Vitis davidii "Chinese Bramble Grape"
Mango---Mangifera indica 'Carrie'

I tissue culture and i will glady accept plant parts you would like me to tissue culture for you. I will take 10% of the plantlets produced for me and for back-up for you.

My Want List:
Nepenthes sp.
Heliamphora sp.
Roridula sp.
Nepenthes i dont have
Sarracenia i dont have
Tuberous drosera

Thanks so much!



got some AWSOME nep hybrids, sarracenis seeds, etc...!!!

yeah!!!! :-D :boogie: :woot:

'notha update!

Traded N. petiolata away and got N. x "Caeser"!!! THANKS SO MUCH ROB!!

nother update! FINALLY GOT MY JAQ!!!!

UPdate! got ANOTHER jac (but may have to give it back to the cheating/lying SOB i traded got it from *sigh*), and a S. purpurea ssp. MONTANA! it's legal too! :D

updated 04-22-2008

07-02-08 i left for a trip...and many things died... :(

07-25-08 traded some stuff away, got some new stuff.

08-04-08 got a platychila and spathulata x boschiana.

08-29-08 got some more, lost some more.

09-27-08 moe plants

10-14-08 SWEEET plants! horrible deaths! :/

12-02-08 Mmm...seeds & seed grown plants are delicious! :D

12-14-08 Thanks for the trades everyone!

04-01-09 I got really lazy! Updated for winter, spring, etc...many orders came in, a few things bit the dust...good times had by all. :p Look everybody, Frankie's got 'dews and sticky things from Australia! :D

5-16-09 Got some stuff from the Huntington Botanical Garden Sale! Thanks Don! Finaly got my flava (a BEAST!), and some cool others. To quote Garth: Shwing!

5-17-09 I made tabs! look who's techinicaly inclined!

6-18-09 Got some very good looking Stylidiums and Utrics from Yann, some SASE seeds arrived...
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