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  1. T

    I could use some advice for these ill Sarracenias

    Hello kind people- I keep losing my sarracenias! I've successfully grown pitcher plants on my deck in Alabama for several years. I keep them outside in full sun most of the year, and let them get rained on, and only water them with rainwater. (From the bottom). Last year, several of my plants...
  2. curtisconners

    Insect ID

    I've been noticing these little bugs around my plants quite a bit. What are they and do they hurt anything? Thanks
  3. D

    Tobacco/Nicotine Pesticide for CPs?

    Has anybody tried using a tobacco/nicotine solution as a pesticide for CPs? I've used some on the bushes surrounding my house and they seem to no insect damage compared to last year with tons of damage.
  4. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    Please help with diagnosis and treatment

    Hello TF'ers, I'm having an issue with two of my nepenthes. One is a hybrid of N. (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x burkei and the other is a nice seed grown N. burbidgeae. The hybrid nep has been going down hill for the last month or so, and at first I thought perhaps I over fertilized it because...
  5. P

    Hello from Illinois

    Hello all! New to CPs as a whole, though I've tried keeping the cheap ones you can find at Home Depot and other stores like that without a ton of success. I just got a couple started from the DuneCraft eggs, so fingers crossed those work a little better! Just on the face of things, I'm most...
  6. thez_yo

    Anza Borrego desert in bloom

    Well, it's not quite death valley, but I did make it out to Anza Borrego park yesterday. It's been raining a lot this past winter, including yesterday (at least coastally) so all of the mountains are unbelievably green this year. Here's the view on the approach towards the desert from Desert...
  7. T


    I was watering my plants this morning and also hoped that my near-death binata would come back to life. And so, while I was watering it, a bunch of white insect ran out of the soil and tried to escape. I attempted to kill them all by drowning them and they all started flying or jumping. What...
  8. NemJones

    Nepenthes: Best Fertilizers and Feeding

    Lately, the insect populations have been decreasing as the impending doom of winter looms near. As a result, I see that the grow chambers are in need of more food. My question to those who answer: What fertilizers do you use on your Asian pitchers, and why? Which brand is better for which...
  9. hcarlton

    CO insects

    I don't often post in this section, but I happened to decide to catch images of some of the local arthropod fauna. I don't know insect scientific names, nor most of the common names, sorry Dragonfly by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Damselfly by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr 2-tail swallowtail butterfly...
  10. Av8tor1

    Heliamphora pollination 101

    Heliamphora pollination and pod development The timing of the stigma being receptive and the release of the pollen do not overlap. Pollen from one flower is used to pollinate the stigma of another. fig. 1 You will need your harvested pollen and a very small, soft paintbrush. Be sure to...
  11. CorneliusSchrute

    Fool-proof Adlrovanda culture... in a bucket

    Fool-proof Aldrovanda culture... in a bucket DISCLAIMER: not fool-proof. If you are a fool, this might not work. I didn't come up with my Aldrovanda approach. pearldiver (Paul!) did all the leg work on this. If anything I tweaked this setup to make it easier for me and less beneficial for the...
  12. Not a Number

    Munch. Munch. Munch a bunch of...

    Sarracenia leucophylla S. alabamensis that I had crossed with S. leucophylla Hurricane Creek, AL Not sure, probably S. alabamensis open pollinated. Was knocked off (either by wind mostly likely by birds) and found on ground. The culprit found in the S. leucophylla flower - larva and pupa -...
  13. ps3isawesome

    Is my Cobra Lilies under attack?

    Uhmmmmm I honestly think this are just normal signs of sun exposure. But I just wanna be sure. Because the circles look really perfect and it kind of reminds me of insect attacks. What I'm referring to are this reddish circular shape marks on the plant. Thank guys!! XOXO
  14. Brolloks

    To much bugs?

    Hi all, I've got some plants that I grow outside and I have been noticing that my D. Binata's are catching ridiculous amount of bugs, it's almost as if the plants are attracting the bugs. There are two types of bugs that I have noticed. A small sized fly and another type of flying insect. I've...
  15. NemJones

    Second Largest Stick Insect Discovered In Vietnam

    Browsing scientific articles, I came across this awesome article. Vietnam is such an amazing place. http://www.sci-news.com/biology/science-phryganistria-heusii-yentuensis-worlds-second-longest-insect-vietnam-02363.html
  16. ps3isawesome

    King Henry was hungry

    It was one of those lucky days where I walked outside, heard a buzz, and had a camera. Thought to my self "I'll try this once again". Bam it paid off, in a few seconds the fly was finished. It's getting really cold and insect activity has decreased. I dragged the trash can near the grow area and...
  17. Joseph Clemens

    Pinguicula gypsicola

    It really doesn't matter what media (in this case half silica sand and half coral sand) I use, it is always wet. That's because I keep my potted Mexican/equitorial Pinguicula in plastic trays, and I keep the water levels in the trays, near the top of the media levels in the pots. I do this...
  18. Joseph Clemens

    Pinguicula cyclosecta

    Here is a pic of one of my Pinguicula cyclosecta in a 3.5 inch pot. The plant is transitioning to winter leaf form. The media is pumice with a little silica sand mixed in. The dark surface on the media is a film that forms, over time - it is likely a mixture of bacteria/algae and other...
  19. DragonsEye

    ambitious lil devil

    Well today while I was watering the plants on my balcony, I noticed what I though was a small moth spinning rapidly in place midair below a horizontal branch of my little Ficus. Now I have a plethora of orb weavers which call my balcony home during the summer so I figured that the insect had...
  20. Iwest

    Bay Area Insect Photos

    These pictures were all taken by my brother in the past month or so. Cross Orbweaver (Araneus diadematus): Sweat Bee Sp. Funereal Duskywing (Erynnis funeralis): California Whipsnake (Masticophis lateralis) (Not a bug, I know): Male European Wool Carder Bee (Anthidium manicatum)...