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King Henry was hungry

It was one of those lucky days where I walked outside, heard a buzz, and had a camera. Thought to my self "I'll try this once again". Bam it paid off, in a few seconds the fly was finished. It's getting really cold and insect activity has decreased. I dragged the trash can near the grow area and it worked.

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Nice. Yea its getting colder. Yay dormancy is near. And pings into succulents.
That's a nice clip. It is interesting how even with the slower closure of the trap the fly was too into the nectar to get out in time.
King Henry is one of my favorites.

Nice video!
thanks guys! i didn't know fly traps produced nectars..... no wonder. I thought why didn't the fly, fly away. it closed pretty slowly.

Ya, I'M REALLY loving the lower and mini traps it produces, so cute!!
Mine was hungry, too.
oh ya i saw your post on reddit, i am super jealous of your catch
Mine are outside, so plenty of bugs. Maybe he was trying to get a bug that was in the trap?
Theres just something about watching those traps close..
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mine are outside too but i don't know why the selection of insects are very limited. :( I wish I caught a lizard