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I am looking for any sarracenia not on my list below. Those in red are ones I had but they died so I am looking to replace them, or anything else not listed. If you have something to trade me, PM and we will work something out. Thanks!

S. Alata, Greene Co. Mississippi
S. Alata BT 9501
S. Alata, TX
S. Alata red throat x flava
S. Alata red throat
S. Alata red throat x Leucophyla
S. Alata x Minor (also known as S. Miniata)
S. Alata x Minor x (Lueco. x Purp.)
S. Ahlesii [alata x rubra]
S. Ahlesii #2
S. Ahlesii "Black"
S. Amber Flies
S. Areolata, Tibbie Bog, Washington Co. AL
S. Areolata, Watson Pine Preserve

S. Areolata (from Aquascapes)
S. Black Widow
S. Black Witch Sister
S. Burkei
S. Bug Pipes
S. 'Brute'
S. Bog Witch
S. Cateo
S. x catesbaei
S. 'Cleopatra's Demise'
S. Cobra's Nest
S. Crispata (flava x psittacina)
S. x 'Dana's Delight'
S. 'Dalueco' (Lueco x Dana's Delight)
S. 'Diamond Head'
S. 'Decora'
S. DIXIE LACE -[(leucophylla x rubra wherryi) x (psittacina x purpurea)]
S. 'Doodle Bug' - [rubra alabamensis x psittacina]
S. Doreen's Colossus x (Flava x Oreophila)
S. x Excellens ( leucophylla x minor)
S. 'Evendine'
S. Farnhamii
S. Flava (yellow trumpet)
S. Flava Coppertop (Brunswich Co. NC)
S. Flava var. Maxima
S. Flava Maxima pure yellow
S. Flava var Ornata
S. flava rugelli x oreophila
S. Flava Rugelli Cook's Bayou, Fl.
S. Flava Rubra Corpora (Near Sumatra Liberty Co. Fl.)
S. Flies Demise
S. Formosa Charlton County Ga.
S. Gilpini
S. Gilpini "Big Red"
S. Gilpini Dark Natural Hybrid Yellow River Fl.
S. Gilpini Yellow River x Minor Okee Giant
S. Gilpini x Rubra Natural Hybrid Yellow River Fl.
S. Gin Goblin [(rubra x oreophila) x flava v. rugelli] x (x Adrian Slack)
S. Golden Red Jubilee
S. 'Hummer Hammerhead' - rubra alabamensis x (psittacina x alabamensis)
S. "Imhotep'
S. 'John Wyndham'
S. "Judith Hindle"
S. Judith Adrian (Cross between Judith Hindle and Adrian Slack)
S. 'June Bug' [psittacina x (purpurea x minor)]
S. 'Juco' [Judith Hindle x Lueco]
S. 'Lamentations'
S. Leah Wilkerson
S. Luecophylla "Tarnok"
S. Leucophylla 'Titan/Cronus' (called by both names)
S. Luecophylla x Rubra Gulfensis (AF)
S. Luecophylla x Candy Stripe
S. Luecophylla Hot Pink
S. Lueco. hybrid from Holland
S. 'Lady Bug' - [psittacina x purpurea x minor]
S. 'Love Bug' -[psittacina x purpurea x minor x (purpurea x leucophylla x rubra jonesii)]
S. 'Ladies in Waiting' - [leucophylla x (rubra x psittacina)]
S. Luecophylla x Willisii
S. Leuco Perdido, Fla
S. Leuco Garcon Pt C
S. Maroon
S. 'MARDI GRAS' - [(leucophylla x purpurea) x (leucophylla x psittacina)]
S. Minor
S. Medusa
S. Minor x Courtii
S. Mitchelliana X Willisii
S. Moorei [flava x leucophylla]
S. Moorrei #2
S. Moorei #2 yellow flower
S. Moorei Large
S. Moorei 'Mallory Sunset'
S. 'Night Sky'
S. Oreophila
S. Oreophila (all green
S. Oreophila (World Insectivores Plants)
S. (Oreo. x Leuco.) x (Psitt. x Purp.)
S. Oreo. x Alata x Leuco.
S. Pretty N Pink
S. Psittacina
S. Psittacina Cook's Bayou, Fl.
(S. Psittacina x Rubra) x Leucophylla
S. Pug x Odysee
S. Purpurea
S. Purpurea x Minor
S. Purpurea Purpurea Heterophilla
S. Purpurea Venosa Brunswich Beauty
S. Purpurea 'Jersey Girl'
S. Purple People Eater
S. Purpetrator
S. Rosea pale pink (AKA Purpurea Carolina, AKA Purpurea Burket)
S. Rococco
S. Rubra
S. Rubra Rubra
S. Rubra ssp Rubra (AF) (Taylor Co. GA)
S. 'Red Bug' - [rubra x rubra wherryi]
S. 'Reptilian Rose'
S. Rubra Gulfensis (anthocyanin free)
S. Rubra Gulfensis Alba (AF)
S. Rubra Gulfensis Giant
S. Rubra Gulfensis x Red Luecophylla
S. (rubra x Oreo.) x (Oreo. X flava)
S. Readii #1 Alabama Red leucophylla x rubra]
S. Readii #2
S. Readii #3
S. Readii Dark Purple (natural hybrid Yellow River, Fl.)
S. Readii x Moorei - cross info for this plant is (leuco. x rubra spp Jonesii) x (lueco x flava)
S. Readii x Mitchelliana
S. 'Red Dixie'
S. (Rubra x Oreophila) x (Oreophyla x Flava)
S. 'Scarlette Belle' (leucophylla x psittacina)
S. Spatter Pattern
S. 'Starry Night'
S. 'Snake Charmer' - (((Psittacina x Rubra Wherryi) x unknown Rubra) x Minor var Okefenokeensis
S. Super Green Giant
S. Super Swamp Ghost
S. Swaniana
S. 'Triple Rarity' (Oreo. x Jonesii x Alabamensis)
S. Up Periscope

S. WRIGLEYANA - [psittacina x leucophylla]
S. 'White Sparkler' - [(rubra jonesii*purpurea)*leucophylla] AKA S. Fireworks
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Gulp! What's left that you don't have?
What sort of Neps do you have available? I have a Texan alata (Tyler Co.) that may need a good dividing. It broke its pot a few months ago. :lol:
I think I had gotten my Texas Alata from you, but it was one of the ones I lost. For some reason my Alata varieties and Flava varieties are the ones that took a hit this summer for some unknown reason...

Other than the common neps like Sanguinea, ventricosa, etc. I do have a good sized N. Splendiana x (spectabilis x veitchi), and a big N. Mirabilis x Tobaica. I am talking to someone else though, so they have first dibs if they want them. I do have several more species coming in any day now (which is why I'm willing to trade these 2, I need the room) but the new ones will probably need a settling in period before I can offer them since the trip from overseas can be rough on them, especially when they are so small upon arrival!
I have an Oreophila that's ready to divide, though I don't think it'll pitcher again till the next growing season, as it's only got one pitcher left, and is putting out loads of phyllodia.
I think I had gotten my Texas Alata from you...

Not according to my records. :lol:

I'll have to keep this offer in mind. I am a sucker for a good nep. :p
Clue, I don't keep records, lol. But that was the plant I had - guess I got it from someone else. But it died, so if you want to trade a piece of it let me know.

lucanidae, what are you looking for in trade for the oreophila?
Any Neps or Pings that you might want to trade, I guess. I don't have anything in mind that I absolutely need, so I'm really open to any offers.
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Trading N. oreophila across state lines?? You should know better than that Back2eight!
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Oh that's right, isn't it? Oh well.
Thank you for bringing that up, Tony. I'd heard of it once, and totally had forgotten.