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Good morning from Richmond, California

Hi everyone,

I just discovered this forum while looking for ways to trade carnivorous plants because I recently saw some amazing pitcher plants and Drosera at someone's house and would like to get into this interesting plant group. Well, I only have 1 Sarracenia oreophila and 1 Nepenthes (lost the tag), and really hope to expand my collection. I grow many other plants if someone wants to a trade (sorry for linking out to another forum, but my trade list is at http://members.gardenweb.com/members/exch/BunnyNomNom).

Also, I'll be researching on why my Nepenthes doesn't form pitchers. Maybe it doesn't have enough light from the bay window? I just moved it to a more lighted area. Hopefully it'll be okay. There is this weird, very tall, hollow grass-like tubes growing from the same pot as my Sarracenia. So I hope someone can tell me what it is.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to learn lots of things from this forum.

My Tong
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Welcome to TF.

Many Nepenthes require higher humidity to pitcher properly, thus many members make grow tents, terrariums, or greenhouses for their neps.

Providing pics will help us take the best guess at the mystery plant growing with your Sarracenia.
Hi and welcome to TF! :welcome:

Different species of Nepenthes have very different requirements, and a lack of pitchers can be caused by any number of issues.

If you post pictures of your plants, I'm sure there's a lot of knowledgeable members here who can help you determine what the problems are and how to fix them.

Just as a general note, Sarracenia require very high light levels in general, and would do better outside (if it is not outside already). S. oreophila is also protected under CITES Appendix I, so make sure you aren't sending or receiving material across state lines. ;)

Good luck, and I'll look forward to seeing pics of your plants!
welcome and hallo fellow bay area grower. yayayyayaya we're growing!
Nice to see other Bay area folks too. Thanks for the quick reply and good to know about the S. oreophila restriction. I have my plants and the mysterious grass here. http://imgur.com/a/FiI8U
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I have that same "grass" in my D. binata pot as well. It seems pretty common, since a number of people on the ICPS Facebook group also posted about it. The general consensus seems to be that its some species of Xyris. I would pull it out or trim it back if I were you, since it doesn't seem to directly harm the other plants in the pot but can get quite weedy. If you want to get rid of it completely, you'll probably need to repot in new soil and clean out all the little bits of grass, since it regrows quite readily from remaining pieces in the soil.
Welcome to TF!
Welcome! I'm not sure if this will work for you, but my pitcher plant (N. x ventrata) would not produce pitchers until I began to mist it 1-2x per day. I had a small water bottle filled with distilled water. The plant was on a metal plant stand in my bedroom, in a western window. I spritzed it once when I woke up, and once before bed. Now it has beautiful deep red pitchers.
Thank you everyone for the tips! I'll try to mist it more.
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Welcome My Tong!:welcome:

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Hey there welcome aboard! :)
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Hello My Tong! I'm also new here but eager to learn more about CPs, good to meet some other enthusiastic new members.
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Welcome, nice to see another Bay Area member.
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Hi My,

If that's the Nepenthes you got from me, then it is N. 'Miranda'.

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It sounds like you're off to a good start. There's a good chance that the lack of pitchers on the Nepenthes is caused, for the most part, by lower light levels, not lower humidity. N x 'Miranda' never pitchers inside for me, but when it grows outside in strong sun it grows well and pitchers frequently. Is there any chance of a pic or two?
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