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  1. S

    Some Stranger Plants

    Figured I might as well put up a photo thread of my humble collection since I'm taking pictures anyway for records. Let's start with N. rafflesiana x ampullaria. The supplier said that despite its heritage it was growing well with the other highlanders. I don't doubt them given the altitude...
  2. Sashoke

    Sashoke's Growlist!

    Not very big yet, but its getting there! -Nepenthes- N. ventricosa "red" N. ventricosa "black peristome" N. ventricosa seed grown (Paul) N. burkei N. sibuyanesis N. ventricosa(aristolochioides x thorelli) x 2 N. "Red Leopard" N. spathulata x robcantleyi N. burkei "Madjah as" x2 N. tiveyi "Pink...
  3. D

    Whats your favorite Nepenthes Hybirds?

    Good evening, just need a little advice. I am mostly a pinguicula, Heliaphorma, cephalotus guy, but would like to add to my nepenthes collection. What are your favorite hybirds? Its really hard to see when they aren't fully grown. Currently I have N. Ventricosa, N. Glandulifera, N. Robcantleyi x...
  4. S

    Caring for Neps with Damaged Roots?

    So long story short I recently received a robcantleyi x hamata with a relatively fragile root system that I suspect was damaged during the whole unpackaging/potting process. It's been about a week and the growth tip is visibly progressing but the bottom most leaf is now yellow. Probably due to...
  5. L

    INGR / International Nepenthes Grex Registry

    The International Nepenthes Grex Registry (INGR) was an idea conceived and developed in an international forum conference on the internet forum www.pitcherplants.proboards.com in the later months of 2006. In August of the next year the proposal was presented at the Sarawak Nepenthes Summit 2007...
  6. Dexenthes

    N. robcantleyi x hamata

    I could have sworn there was already a thread for this cross. I am so stoked!!! :banana2:
  7. S

    Hybrids with significant "hybrid vigor"

    Has anyone grown a Nepenthes hybrid with particularly strong "hybrid vigor", either faster growing than the parents, or more tolerant of conditions outside the preferred range of the parents? I have noticed this trait in some hybrids, but not in others. One example I can give from my own...
  8. 5

    nep. shoppin with wife

    First off let me start off by saying i love my wife! So yesterday the wife and i went cp shopping and this is what we came home with. Enjoy!!! Green ampularia Tentaculata murud Diatas Gentle (maxima x fusca) These last 3 are my faves!!! :banana2: :boogie: Robcantleyi x hamata...
  9. ps3isawesome

    Ps3isawesome growlist

    Ps3isawesome growlist (Updated 3/11/2016) This all began on July 3rd 2014 Dionaea King Henry Red Sawtooth B52 Towering Giant G14 Rosetted "Dirk Ventham's Giant" Big Mouth Akai Ryu (Thanks to Dionae) Unknown (From Lowes) Sarracenia Leucophylla x Tarnok Adrian Slack Adrian Slack x Judith Hindle...
  10. Neps_N_Things

    Bittersweet Moment

    My robcantleyi has been bothering a bit lately so today I decided to get a little aggressive with it. It made a gnarled leaf about two leaves ago which I didn't want to cut off because I'm usually of the mindset that if its green you shouldn't mess with it. The next leaf developed fine but this...
  11. mcmcnair

    Variation within a Species... Posters!

    I will be giving a lecture at the upcoming ICPS conference on Sarracenia and part of my lecture is discussing the definition of a species and how much variation is allowed within a species before a plant needs to be split into a new species. Too often people get the idea that a species...
  12. William9in

    Nepenthes robcantleyi x hamata

    Hi, I'm excited about this new plant and was wondering if it will survive outdoors in south florida wether? I have a N. Predator that is doing excellent outside and a N. Robcantleyi x maxima also doing excellent outside.
  13. Z

    restart to the hobby

    Couple years ago I started with some easy hybrids and then moved, which unfortunately was a death sentence. So it recently I decided it was time to get back into it and this is what I want with they just came in a couple days ago and looking forward to new challenges... n. Robcantleyi, n...
  14. Minch108

    Minch108' Growlist

    Minch108' Growlist AW= Wistuba BE= Borneo Exotics EP= Exotica Plant CK= Christian Klein PG= Private Grower N. Attenboroughii Mt. Victoria ~SG~ x3 (3 different mother plants) N. Deaniana AW N. Ephippiata x2 AW N. Hamata (Gunung Katopasa) AW ~SG~ N. Jacquelineae ~SG~ CK N. Lowii AW ( Gunung...
  15. Chris_Himself

    New order came in!

    These have got to be the healthiest size small plants I have ever ordered from any nursery hands down. I FINALLY got one of the N Robcantleyi clones and it's sweeeet! Seriously look how healthy some of this stuff is. Please forgive the pic of them outside, a couple plants got a little cold...
  16. Bio

    Bio's photo thread

    From left to right: Back row: Nepenthes ventricosa x ((x tiveyi) x truncata), Nepenthes hamata AW4, Nepenthes inermis Gadut, Sumatra AW, Nepenthes sibuyanensis x (spectabilis x aristolochioides). Front row: Nepenthes robcantleyi, Nepenthes peltata, and an empty pot that is no longer in the HL...
  17. NatchGreyes

    Nep. Potting Media Experiment

    Hey Everyone, I've started an bit of an experiment, albeit one that lacks precise scientific rigor. A month ago I came across the CPN sample that talks about creating a potting mix that is 1:1:1 Seramis:Lava Gravel:Lecaton. Having read a lot about the destruction of CP habitats, I decided to...
  18. Mr Acurite

    N. ventricosa x robcantleyi

    For the past few months, I've had my eye on the N. ventricosa x robcantleyi hybrid from BE, and I have everything I need to care for it, as well as a reasonably large amount I'm willing to spend to get it. The problem is, I live in North America, where, for no reason whatsoever, no CP supplier...
  19. KNepenthe

    KNepenthe's Photo Thread

    Hi everyone! I think I finally have enough plants to keep up a little photo thread here for you all :) I set up my first greenhouse about a month ago and the climate change for the plants caused quite a bit of shriveled pitchers while I fine tuned humidity, temp., water, etc. But all the plants...
  20. Aionios

    Aionios' Plants

    Hey, everyone. I just started a collection this past spring/summer-ish. Nothing's died yet (knock on wood). Though, my heli's are limping along. I'll post them when they're not so ew. Everything is pretty young at the moment so not much to look at. Hoping they'll grow up to be half as good...