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Hey, everyone. I just started a collection this past spring/summer-ish. Nothing's died yet (knock on wood). Though, my heli's are limping along. I'll post them when they're not so ew. Everything is pretty young at the moment so not much to look at. Hoping they'll grow up to be half as good as most of the plants I've seen here.

Drosera Capensis (hitchhikers in a vft pot)

Drosera Dichotoma ('nother hitchhiker)

Nepenthes Talangensis

Nepenthes Hamata

Nepenthes Ventricosa x Robcantleyi -- This one is really taking off.

Nepenthes Ventricosa x Robcantleyi -- Wanted to show the growth spurt. I got it as a tiny little thing in July.

Everyone chillin'

Daytime temps are in the low 70s and night it goes down to the mid 60s and sometimes lower at the moment. I throw in ice packs and crack the window a little. Humidity normally stays above 60% except for when I run the fan for a few hours for air exchange.

I'll post more as they grow.
Nice collection for just starting off! I'm still not brave enough for a hamata and I've been collecting for a while now ;)

I like the white pots too. Looks much better than my green plastic ones.
Thanks divaskid!

The hamata lost a few pitchers from stress when I got it but the pitchers in the pic are all new. I think it's happy at the moment.

I got the pots on sale at Lowe's but forgot how much.
Nice looking plants!
Took some pictures this afternoon.

N. Vent x Robc



N. Hamata


N. Talangensis


N. Slowpoke I mean Jacquelineae


H. Minor



H. Nutans



The h. nutans is been having a difficult time but it's a trooper.
It is shocking how thin that Heliamphora nutans pitcher is compared to the upper part. Are you growing the plants in that moss on purpose?
That moss gradually grew out of the dried sphag. I thought it was revived moss but I'm guessing not now. I'll remove it.
Did some clean up.

H. Nutans in need of more light, I think.

H. Minor was hiding a lot of stuff under the overgrown moss.

N. Hamata recovering from the summer heat.

N. Talangensis

N. Vent x Robc growing adequately by a window. Has a basal but it's not visible in this pic.
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That vent x rc is quite a nice one! There are a lot that ended up just kind of... meh. Yours looks like one of the better clones.
Also the Helis could all definitely use more light. The pitchers should be rather bulky, not etiolated like that.
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Nice collection so far! I'm loving the pots that you are using. The N. ventricosa x robcantleyi is a really stunning plant.
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Thanks all! I'm going to try and upgrade the whole growing area soon, including lighting. I'm really happy with the N. vent x robc also. It's really thriving.