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Hi everyone! I think I finally have enough plants to keep up a little photo thread here for you all :) I set up my first greenhouse about a month ago and the climate change for the plants caused quite a bit of shriveled pitchers while I fine tuned humidity, temp., water, etc. But all the plants have taken off after that period of adjustment and I feel there are some nice new pitchers coming about here even with the short cloudy days of Oregon in winter! Enjoy :-D

Here we have some pictures of the CP side of my greenhouse. The other side has orchids, staghorns, hibiscus, brugmansias and just about everything else.

Sticky Capensis tentacles!

D. 'Marston Dragon' Flower

Maxima X Platychila

Small Robcantleyi QOH X Maxima

Similar cross Maxima X Robcantleyi KOS but very different looking pitchers at this stage

Robcantleyi X Ovata

Sibuyanensis X Lady Pauline that just started opening this morning

Lowii X (Maxima X Veitchii) I like the artsy fartsy look of this picture with old tendril wrapping around :p

N. Izumiae and although it may be pitcherless you all are the only people who can understand my excitement when it finally put out it's first leaf in my care after owning it over 8 months and the new leaf looks big and healthy!

Robcantleyi QOH X KOS

And the newer pitcher still coloring up

Maxima X Truncata red

And a dusty peristome

Last but not least is one of the few nepenthes I keep inside now. N. 'Miranda' looking out at a very cold day :)

Thanks for looking :D
Looking great. Good luck with izumiae, lots of us have trouble getting that one to pitcher. Might be an issue with a particular clone though.
Thanks. It seems to be doing great now but for a while there I was ready to label it N. "Purgatory" :p
Haha, yeah...... join the club ! Mine sulked for a few months, died off, activated 2 nodes out from the stem and now finally after a little over 2 years I'm getting a few small pitchers.
First time I have been able to get my P. Planifolia to bloom!! :)

Very nice! Just curious though, what kind of ping is that in the middle right hand side here?


I was thinking about getting a ping sometime and that one caught my eye.
Sorry I'm not sure which one you mean so I will just list all three big ones :p The one right next to the nepenthe pitcher is Yucca Do 1713 (Still in debate over new species or not last I checked). Next over and down is 'Pirouette' and the one closest to the wall is 'Sethos'.
Its the one between the two rosette Drosera. Is that the Pirouette?
Yea it's looking a little weird right now because I moved it from my high light indoor setup to the greenhouse where it lost quite a bit of the pink coloration. And it just went into division overdrive. I think I counted eight new growth points off of the base of the one plant :D
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So today I am mostly wondering what everyone thinks of this plant here. It was generously given to me by Jerry Jackson and all he knew about this plant was from the label. It says x ventricosa but I don't see that influence in the pitchers. Any input is appreciated! And just a few other pics while I'm here :p


Maxima X Aristolochiodes- Sorry about the blur (We are getting a macro lens.... someday)

Spathulata X Ramispina-

Sibuyanensis X Lady Pauline- A little older than the last picture I posted of this one

Izumiae is pitchering!

And my Robcantleyi with his huge lid!

Last but not least the results of my first time growing D. Regia, and from seed none the less
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I don't see any ventricosa in that either, but wait till Johnny or Paul get a look. Both of them can identify Neps like no one else.
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Nice, you're off to a great start!
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Thanks for the responses everyone. One interesting point with this alata is that every pitcher (including the ones that are developing) have an indent on the lid of the pitcher that I have never seen in any other nepenthes. Does anyone else have a plant that exhibits this?
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Good morning everyone :)

Starting out with my wierdo here, and I apologize for the fuzzy camera photos on this one. This is a doubled P. 'Pirouette' flower I found... Note the two spurs and extra petals

P. Yucca Doo 1713

N. Maxima X Aristolochiodes

N. Robcantleyi QOH X Maxima

N. Burbidgeae x Platychila

N. Izumiae is pitchering for the first time!!!! And the anticipation is killing me.

N. Graciliflora

N. Fusca

N. Robcantleyi QOHxKOS just opened and the new pitcher is about three times larger than the last one!!!!

N. Maxima X Truncata (e) red

Unknown orchid that is re-blooming for me

Well thanks for looking guys! Because of the lengthening days here and increased humidity pretty much everything in the greenhouse is getting ready to pitcher! So next update should be a good one ;)
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Lookin' good. That x'Pirouette' flower is real oddity. N.alata "boschiana mimic' has been recently reclassified as it's own species, N.graciliflora.
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Ok thank you! I will update my info on that one :)
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And the vertical cephalotus pot I just created in honor of Mobiles post and beautiful plants. :)