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These have got to be the healthiest size small plants I have ever ordered from any nursery hands down.

I FINALLY got one of the N Robcantleyi clones and it's sweeeet!

Seriously look how healthy some of this stuff is. Please forgive the pic of them outside, a couple plants got a little cold burn from being exposed to 45 degree weather in their first week of growing. Also mixed in are some crappy ebay acquisitions. You'll know from the spider mite damage and lack of pitchers haha. Look how sweet a couple of these plants are! This nursery is my favorite now.

N. Ramispina

N. Robcantleyi

Outdoor in Northern CA grow. Nothing special. I'm going to try to show people that growing outdoors is doable :)

N. Robcantleyi
N. Alata (pitcherless big one in the middle, ebay)
N. Burkeii (strong one in the bottom right)
N. Ventricosa x Dubia (left with the tight rosette and pitchers on every leaf)
N. Fusca (one with the slightly cold burned bottom left)
N. Ramispina (this is my favorite plant of the bunch, upper right)
N. Sanguinea (square pot up top, ebay)
N. "Lantern" Alata (square pot on the right, ebay)
N. "Gentle" (square pot left, ebay)

4-6 hours direct sun a day, dappled sunlight throughout the rest. Watering once a day, maxsea every two weeks 1/2 strength. I will update this thread! I'm using peat, perlite, orchid bark, with a little extra bit of orchid bark added.

I gave away most of my plants a few years ago when my indoor grow setup got way out of control and I was starting school and didn't have time to care 20 plants haha.
Just FYI, the so-called "Lantern alata" is 'Rebecca Soper'.
Man I'm so jealous, NICE plants!