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  1. S

    Squidfengshui's Growlist

    Drosera: Aliciae Binata Burmanii Capensis Narrow Leaf Capensis Alba Falconeri Filiformis seedlings Petiolaris Spatulata Venusta Assorted rosetted mystery seedlings and plants Pygmies Barbigera Dichrosepala ssp. dichrosepala "Dork’s Pink" Helodes Leucoblasta “brookton” Mannii Nitidula x...
  2. A

    Acook's grow list

    Venus fly traps Dentate King Henry Wacky Traps FTS Etna FTS Showgun Star Bunch of typicals and seedlings Nepenthes Hamata x Platychila N x Ventrata N x Hookeriana Spathulata x Robcantleyi Burbidgeae x Campanulata Campanulata x Robcantleyi Boschiana Cephalotus 3 typicals Cape sundew...
  3. rdlsreno

    Nepenthes robcantleyi plants

    This are my two largest N. robcantleyi plants. Both are planted in 8" baskets. One is squaty with a hooded lid. The other is longer but has a wide peristome and narrow opening. Both are quite dark. I hope both flower soon. Ramon:D N. robcantleyi plants
  4. NotMyRealName

    Grow List

    Here's my grow list, kinda smallish. N. Splendiana x Ventricosa "Mata Hari" N. Ventrata N. Sibuyanensis x Talangensis N. Ventricosa X Campanulata N. Ventricosa x "Lady Pauline" N. Miranda N. Spathulata x Diatas N. Maxima x Veitchii N. Ventricosa x Merrilliana N. Ventricosa x Sibuyanensis x...
  5. vdub804

    WTB N. Robcantleyi x Hamata - No Longer Available

    WTB N. Robcantleyi x Hamata Looking for any size Robcantleyi x Hamata thanks. List Date: 11/14/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB N. Robcantleyi x Hamata -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available. --------------------------------------
  6. viking

    Viking grow list

    Venus Flytraps King Henry Typical Big mouth WIP slim snapper Bristle tooth Korean melody shark Dentae Vft Seedllings crosses Mirror x B52 Wally x DCXL Crosstooth x B52 B52 x moon Trap B52 x dcxl Long red fingers x dcxl Crimson sawtooth x maroon monster 1955 x b52 (B52 x big mouth) x dcxl...
  7. J.Gennaro

    J.Gennaro's Grow List (Joe)

    Hello everyone, I decided to post my grow list. As you can see I am mostly into Nepenthes and tropical Pinguicula. I will add some pictures soon! Cephalotus follicularis Typical (seed grown) Hummer's Giant Vigorous Clumping Drosera: adelea 'Giant' burmannii 'Green' burmannii 'Humpty Doo'...
  8. W

    N. robcantleyi pollen request Sept 2015

    Hi Has anyone got some N. robcantleyi pollen available as mine is starting to flower as of mid September 2015. Standard conditions of 50:50 seed sharing after successful pollination. The plant was sourced from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants and is the Queen of Heart x King of Spades cross. My...
  9. rdlsreno

    Nepenthes robcantleyi and N. truncata comparison

    Just for fun placing this species side by side. Unfortunately the pitcher of the N. robcantleyi got bruised when I was cleaning the greenhouse and knocked it over a week ago.:censor: Ramon:D Nepenthes robcantleyi and N. truncata
  10. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    N. robcantleyi

    Hi fellow TF'ers, Today up for trade I have a N. robcantleyi, its about 3" leaf to leaf not including the tendrils. What I'm looking for is a N. argentii. Size isn't as important to me as is the overall health of the plant. So if you have a N. argentii please PM me, if the N. robcantleyi isn't...
  11. R

    some of my Neps

    N. Robcantleyi x Hamata <a href="http://s1381.photobucket.com/user/Raven_SF/media/IMG_3946_zpspflkzlgu.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1381.photobucket.com/albums/ah233/Raven_SF/IMG_3946_zpspflkzlgu.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_3946_zpspflkzlgu.jpg"/></a> <a...
  12. J

    Jeremy's Grow List

    Cephalotus follicularus Drosera: capensis venusta madagascariensis adelae scorpioides regia multifida extrema spatulata collinsiae omissa x pulchella Heliamphora minor Nepenthes: ventricosa (red) spectabilis hamata jamban jacquelineae singalana veitchii truncata vogelli chaniana lingulata...
  13. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    growing again!

    Hello TerraForums, Well after loosing all my plants in 2009 after having a heart attack and ending up staying in the hospital for 6 months I was to upset/depressed about loosing my rather extensive collection of Neps and Cephs to to try and start all over again at that time. Well not I'm...
  14. T

    Theplantman's Grow List

    Drosera Filiformis var. Tracyii Spathulata spathulata "Frasier Island" Capensis Capillaris Giant Binata Binata "Marstons Dragon" Scorpiodes Nitidula x Pulchella Sarracenia Flava Flava 'Burlesque' x copper top Leucophylla Leucophylla red Alata Psitticinia x Minor Kilimanjaro x Alata 'Black'...
  15. RL7836

    N. robcantleyi gender?

    Last night I went into the basement to water my plants & found a spike pressed up against the glass. Hopefully it isn't damaged as it was directly below very hot lights. I know it's early but I was curious if any of the Nep wizards here could ID the gender?
  16. Cindy

    Just some random Nep pics

    I was using the DSLR on the Byblis so took some pics of the Nep pitchers as well. Disclaimer: The cool-growing plants are quite new so some of the pitchers came with the shipment...not that I can grow intermediate/highland Neps so well here in HOT Singapore. :cool: N. spectabilis x hamata...
  17. S

    Damage from cold, disease or otherwise?

    I've noticed some spots on a few of my plants recently, and given that I've had no experience with pests so far (knocks on wood) I'm not sure what to make of this. Here's a leaf on my N. burbidgeae x robcantleyi, the spots near the edge have appeared in the last two weeks: The other concern...
  18. Eric

    Looking to trade N. burkei x hamata

    I have a N. burkei x hamata and am actively looking for a N. robcantleyi x hamata, if anyone is interested. I will post pictures of my plant later this evening. Next week's weather is supposed to be warmer here so it would be ideal for shipping. Send a PM if interested. Eric These pitchers are...
  19. R

    Nepenthes at the Orchid Show (POE in San Francisco)

    Possibly this comes close to violating prohibitions on mentioning vendors, but I'll do it anyway. If it crosses a line it should be deleted. It seems sad that people in the SF Bay Area might be unaware of a local event which is a great opportunity to buy Nepenthes--simply because it is in...
  20. D_muscipula

    D_muscipula's Growlist INCOMPLETE

    Drosera species Drosera aliciae Drosera binata Drosera capensis Drosera filliformis ssp. tracyi Drosera graomogolensis Drosera scorpiodes Drosera hybrids Drosera "Andromeda" - (schizandra x prolifera) Nepenthes species Nepenthes graciliflora - Formerly Nepenthes alata 'Boschiana Mimic'...