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restart to the hobby

Couple years ago I started with some easy hybrids and then moved, which unfortunately was a death sentence. So it recently I decided it was time to get back into it and this is what I want with they just came in a couple days ago and looking forward to new challenges... n. Robcantleyi, n. Talengensis, n. Chaniana
You have an easy, medium, and hard Nepenthes here. N. talangensis is a relatively hard plant to grow, and is very hard to get to pitcher. Temperature should drop into the high 50*f range, with high humidity. N. robcantleyi is easier, but very slow growing, and makes annoying 'little lid' pitchers unless it likes its conditions. It will need conditions similar to N. talangensis. I don't have much experience with N. chaniana, but it is a Bornean intermediate that should be as easy to grow as N. maxima. Of these plants, it might be the only viable windowsill candidate
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Bio thanks for the reply. I knew the Talengensis was going to be a tough one. My last pitcher plants were all easy hybrids so I was hoping for a bit of a challenge. Hopefully I didn't bite off more than I can chew. I really am quite excited for all three of these plants as they are definitely favorites of mine.