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  1. E

    Exotic Lady / Maxima x Talangensis Vine

    Have a nice size Male Exotic Lady / Maxima x Talangensis Vine available In about the 2 - 2+ foot range Some brown & woody / Some green & growing Making uppers Still attached to plant / Will cut right before shipping Pics of a cool Double Flower it made / For the fun of it...
  2. E

    Trade Amorphophallus Konjac VooDoo Lily Seedling 4 ???

    Have a VooDoo Lily A. Konjac Seedling available for trade Approx. 3in. tall Feel More Than Free To Email Me For a Pic To lazy to upload it somewhere to get an image code / LOL Open to Mex. Pings Would like a Moctezumae & HL Neps if anyone had one they'd trade Sorry no unrooted cuttings NO...
  3. DragonsEye

    P. moranensis and ? P. moctezumae ?

    Friend of mine gave me two types of pings to play with last fall. So far they've done well with the exception of repeated grackle attacks which almost wiped out the second type. One type, moranensis, is blooming. Hopefully the others will be gearing up too. Don't know if any pollination...
  4. E

    Trade: N. Ventricosa X Pectinata Basal / Red Lep Vine Cutting

    Have a nice N. Ventricosa X Pectinata Basal available for trade Hope this is all good with the mods Auction has ended / Not Relisting / No other plants for sale Pics & Info. At~ http://www.ebay.com/itm/390648465387?ssPageName=STRK:MEUSX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1562.l2649 Link Has All Needed Info. /...
  5. KNepenthe

    KNepenthe Grow List

    Nepenthes- 1. Robcantleyi QOH X KOS 2. Spathulata X Robcantleyi KOS 3. Robcantleyi QOH X Maxima 4. Maxima X Robcantleyi KOS 5. Densiflora X Robcantleyi KOC 6. Bellii X Robcantleyi KOS 7. Ventricosa X Robcantleyi KOS 8. Maxima X Platychila 9. Petiolata X Burkeii 10. Truncata 'E' (Prodigy of two...
  6. J

    Grow List

    Grow List (Plants With T Available For Trade) CEPHALOTUS Czech Giant - T Emu Point Giant German Giant Hummers Giant - T Phill Mann Clone Robust - T Typical - T Vigorous DARLINGTONIA Coastal Variety Mountain Variety - T Othello (All Green) DIONAEA A2 B-52 - T Big Mouth Bohemian...
  7. M

    New Ping Settup

    Okay everyone, I found this awesome, Victorian-looking, glazed ceramic washbasin in my grandparent's basement. It's mine now. I have been mulling over what to do with it for a few months now and i have finally decided. I want to dedicate it to some tropical pings. I need some advice though...
  8. S

    sleepydog's CPs

    Dionea.. Dionea sp. 巨人捕 怒齒交種捕 Utricularia.. U.sandersonni blue Pinguicula.. P.primuliflora P.agnata x potosiensis Mexican Pinguicula.. P.gracilis x moctezumae P. x 'Aphrodite' Byblis.. B.liniflora Drosera.. D.adelae D.spathulata D.nidiformis D.burmanni D.natalensis D.sp.Chapada Diamantina...
  9. V

    tuco's grow list!

    canoinhas city, santa catarina state, brazil 26°10'38" south 50°23'24" west 765mts above sea level (köppen-geiger: Cfa) - adult plants: sarracenia - sarracenia alabamensis 'thornsby' CR - sarracenia alata 'red lid' desoto CR - sarracenia flava 'gold' CR - sarracenia flava 'red tube' JMP -...
  10. Rosieonfire

    Hello :)

    Hello everyone! My name is Rosie and I'm new to this forum and new to carnivorous plants. I got my first Nepenthes (Ventrata?) about a year ago and my first Pinguicula (Moctezumae x Gigantae) sometime in February. Since acquiring the Ping and seeing how easy and rewarding it was my interest...
  11. J

    My children

    N. truncata N. ventricosa x sibuyanensis N. ventricosa x aristolochioides (new) Drosera adelae Drosera Marston Dragon Sarracenia Purpurea Heliamphora minor (new) Pinguicula moctezumae Cephalotus (new) Venus Flytrap
  12. Crissytal

    P. gigantea x moctezumae (KingDom079 $15)

    Up for auction is one P. gigantea x moctezumae. The plant pictured is the plant up for auction (the large one). Please note it is still semi-dormant from the cooler winer temperatures. This plant should be flowering age. Bidding starts at $2.00 Buyer pays Priority shipping. Shipping will...
  13. E

    FT: VooDoo Lily "Corpse Flower" Corms

    I have 4 extra corms/bulbs available for trade Indian Giant ~ Sauromatum Venosum (AKA: Typhonium Guttatum) Decent sized corms / Should flower next season Mainly looking for HL Neps / Rooted cuttings or plants / No seeds Mex Pings / Would like a P. Moctezumae VTFs / Fused Tooth is on the top...
  14. CPBlake

    Mexican Ping IDs

    I am just starting to manage Weber State University's CP collection after being absent for two years and I need to get some pings identified. Many of the tags were written with marker and the labels are no longer legible. I am in the process of repotting all the plants into a better ping media...
  15. JMN16150

    Things I'm currently growing:) (Along with some thank yous for some members)

    Echeveria 'Lipstick' Drosera roseana gemmae, thanks for the pack of gemmae, Wireman:D Pinguicula moctezumae x gigantea from Crissytal/Crystal Pinguicula 'weser'??? from Crissytal (Is it a P. 'Weser?) Pinguicula agnata 'True Blue' from Crissytal (My first Mexican ping:) )...
  16. Tuuagso

    Tuuagso's growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis (3) . Hummer Giant . Hummer Giant x Hummer Giant . Typical Darlingtonia californica (2) . Dark . typical Dionaea muscipula (4) . all red . B52 . Fang x Big mouth . Bohemian Garnet Drosera (26) . adelae . binata (multifida extrema) . botswana . burmanii . capensis...
  17. E

    VooDoo Lily Corms / Bulbs 4 Trade

    I have 9 "Small" VooDoo Lily Corms/Bulbs left ~ Available for trade 8 Sauromatum Venosum ~ 6 Small ~ 2 Tiny 1 Amorphophallus Konjac ~ Long one on the right Can do as one trade for all or two trades of 3 small & 1 tiny SV with the AK going to the best trade offer / LMK what you want to do if...
  18. E

    Aristolochia Gigantea Seeds

    Have a butt load of fresh A. Gigantea seeds available for trade AKA: Dutchman's Pipe / Pipe Vine / Birthwort Open to just about any offer other than LL Neps & Not really big on Dews but will consider plant / seed offers Would happily trade as many seeds/seed pods as you would like {with in...
  19. divaskid

    Divaskid's Grow List

    Last Updated: 4/13/14 A speacial thanks to everyone that contributed to my grow list. You guys are awesome! :D Byblis B. liniflora Drosera D. binata 'multifida extrema' D. capensis 'alba' D. indica Nepenthes N. alata 'Speckled' (female) N. albomarginata N. albomarginata 'Penang' N...
  20. Crissytal

    Things for trade

    Hey guys. I have some extra plants that I would like to trade. Photos of most everything can be seen here: http://smg.beta.photobucket.com/user/Crissytal/library/Extras%202012 I have the quantity of each plant listed to the right, it's mainly for my reference. If there's anything that I do...