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VooDoo Lily Corms / Bulbs 4 Trade

I have 9 "Small" VooDoo Lily Corms/Bulbs left ~ Available for trade

8 Sauromatum Venosum ~ 6 Small ~ 2 Tiny
1 Amorphophallus Konjac ~ Long one on the right


Can do as one trade for all or two trades of 3 small & 1 tiny SV with the AK going to the best trade offer / LMK what you want to do if making an offer

I know they're small so I'm pretty open to just about any CP offer
Other than LL Neps or Dews

Looking for a P. Moctezumae
Other VooDoo Lilies ~ HL Neps {cuttings are fine} ~ Mex. Pings ~ VTFs ~ ???