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  1. jrod

    My Growlist

    Drosera D. adelae D. admirabilis Palmiet River D. aliciae D. ascendens D. biflora Amajari, Roraima D. binata T Form D. capensis D. capensis Baines Kloof D. felix Tuku Muruku, Gran Sabana D. graomogolensis D. graomogolensis Itacambira D. hamiltonii D. hilaris D. hirticalyx D. meristocaulis D...
  2. S_Oregon_CP

    S_Oregon_CP Updated Growing List

    Grow List as of 04-27-09! VFT 1. Dionaea muscipula Nepenthes Highland and UltraHighland 1. Nepenthes rajah (Highland) 2. Nepenthes lowii (Trusmadi) (Highland) 3. Nepenthes sibuyanensis...
  3. klasac

    winter pics of some pygmies a.o.

    Hi! I finished harvesting of this year`s gemmae and put the pygmies back under strong light to induce growth resume: D. palacea small palaceas from gemmae (daughters of the above): D. callistos D. pulchella D. nitidula var. allantostigma D. slackii D. peltata (finally vertical...
  4. CN

    My Grow List

    = updated updated bump = My Grow List =============== Nepenthes =================== Ultra Highlander's =================== N. Rajah =================== Highlander's =================== N. Burbidgeae N. Densiflora N. Diatas N. Izumae N. Lowii N. Macfarlanei N. Mikeii N. Mira (Medium) N...
  5. JMurphy97

    Looking for N. mikei/ mexican pings

    What I have extras of: D. aliciae, D. graminifolia, D. capensis, and ventrata rooted cuttings. What I'm looking for N. mikei, P. medusina, P. moctezumae, or any other mexican pings not: (spelling may be off, I had a hard time making out the letters) acuminata agnata esseriana hemix X rethall...
  6. Zero

    My pings are starting to flower

    Some pics of pings that are in flower. I expect more within the month. Pics, some are not true to color. I'm working that though:) "Apasionada" "Aphrodite" newer older "Titan" moctezumae x “Köhres”
  7. Crissytal

    A Few Pings

    P. Aphrodite P. gracilis x moctezumae P. Titan P. weser P. lusitanica - This is what happens when a seed pod drops New arrivals:
  8. Crissytal

    P. moctezumae

    It took this one awhile to settle in. It's finally doing pretty well and it decided to flower. Flower Front Flower Side View Full View Thanks for looking, Crystal
  9. klasac

    my growlist

    Drosera adelae Drosera aliciae Drosera anglica Drosera ascendens Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera burmannii Drosera callistos Drosera capensis "broad leaf" Drosera capillaris Drosera closterostigma Drosera dielsiana Drosera filiformis var. tracyi Drosera hamiltonii Drosera kenneallyi...
  10. jrod

    P. ( gracilis x moctezumae )

    Here's a photo of my P. ( gracilis x moctezumae ) putting up a flower. The plant is about 2 inches in diameter. It's growing in 100% Schultz APS under fluorescent lights. I have all my mexipings on the tray system. I fill the tray to about 2 inches deep with distilled water, then let it go...
  11. Brokken

    Brokken's Growlist

    Cephalotus (aka "Albany Pitcher Plant"): Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia (aka "Cobra Lilly"): Darlingtonia californica Dionaea (aka "Venus Fly Trap"): Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula - 'Akai Ryu' Dionaea muscipula - 'B-52' Dionaea muscipula - 'Cup Trap' Dionaea muscipula -...
  12. F

    things to trade off

    email me if you want to trade at : frogsintn3@yahoo.com i have to trade: N bellii x ventricosa rooted cutting 4Tx6W N venta rooted cuttings 4Tx4W N gracilis 'blk' x mirabilis 'winged' rooted cuttings 6Tx4W N x trichocarpa 2 rooted cuttings 6Tx5W N singalana 3"T x 4"W N x judith Finn...
  13. blokeman

    blokeman`s grow list

    All plants listed are form canadian suppliers only.... and cp'ers too Aldrovanda Vesiculosa (RIP) Byblis Liniflora Cephalotus Folicularis (merci Labine) Darlingtonia Californica 01-07-08 (RIP) Dioneae muscipula Akai Ryu 15-11-08 Dente 01-07-08 Typical 01-07-08, 28-11-08 Big Mouth...
  14. maxposwillo

    LACPS Meeting Pics 8/16/08

    Hey all, Heres some pics of the LACPS meeting for all of you who didnt get to go. Drosera x 'Ivans Paddle' Drosera anglica 'Hawaii' Drosera regia Heliamphora x 'Tequila' Pinguicula moctezumae Pinguicula gypsicola Cephalotus Petiolaris complex sundew Drosera hamiltonii...
  15. alec

    Alec's grow/want list

    Cephalotus Cephalotus follicularis Cephalotus follicularis "hummer's giant" -coming Drosera D. adelae D. admirabilis D. aliciae D. binata D. binata multifida 'extrema' D. capensis D. capensis red form D. fiiformis D. filiformis "all red" D. hamiltonii D. hilaris D. Ivan's Paddle D. regia D...