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P. ( gracilis x moctezumae )

Here's a photo of my P. ( gracilis x moctezumae ) putting up a flower. The plant is about 2 inches in diameter. It's growing in 100% Schultz APS under fluorescent lights. I have all my mexipings on the tray system. I fill the tray to about 2 inches deep with distilled water, then let it go dry for a day or two before refilling. The pots are about 4 inches tall. Please to enjoy...

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Looking good! Show us another picture a few days.
Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks for the encouraging words. Pics of ping flowers under fluorescents never come out quite the right color. I'll see what I can do sometime soon here.
Nice. I've been keeping Pings for a long time now but I'm only just beginning to appreciate them (because I've finally learned to keep them alive.) Do you use 100% APS with all your plants? I might try that... I've definitely had more success since I started using a larger ratio of APS and vermiculite with my collection. How tall are your pots? I always use little shallow pots because most of my varieties are so small, but I've begun to suspect that most Pings appreciate being able to grow their roots straight down.