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A Few Pings


What is and what should never be
P. Aphrodite

P. gracilis x moctezumae

P. Titan

P. weser

P. lusitanica - This is what happens when a seed pod drops

New arrivals:
Those are some mighty fine pings you have there :)
They look great! And orderly as well!
Great looking pings Crissytal they're all looking good and the dew on them is nice and shiny also the P. gracilis x moctezumae, P.Aphrodite, P.Titan, and P.Weser are my favorites in your pictures very nice colors.
ZACHRayBlue Crystal! They look great!!! Very orderly container you have there as well! :) Nice!!! Great color on that aphrodite!
Thanks everyone!

Pings took me awhile to get the hang of. That certainly didn't happen over night :)

So is that community tray just loose APS with leaf cuttings? Good idea. Very nice pics, I really like the color of your P. weser.
Hi Joe,

That's right. The community tray is just loose APS with plants and leaf pullings. What can't be seen are several holes in the bottom of the tray (shoebox) and it sitting in another tray. This way I can control the water level. I have to be careful though, since the trays are the same size, a very little bit of water can easily be squished out and makes a mess when putting the community tray inside the other. I learned this from experience lol. I need a slightly bigger tray to eliminate this problem, but it's working for now.

I also wanted to add, the community tray that you see is the same type of tray that I use to set my square pots in. Several square pots fit nicely into one tray.

some real nice pings.. what sort of lighting arrangement do you use for them?
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Thanks! Currently they are being grown under four T12 34-watt cool white fluorescent bulbs. Nothing special.

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Very nice! And I see you are from NC..how exciting!