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My pings are starting to flower

Some pics of pings that are in flower. I expect more within the month.
Pics, some are not true to color. I'm working that though:)










moctezumae x “Köhres”

That's great! But why now? What is your photoperiod and watering for them? I'm used to seeing this in late winter, coming out of the succulent stage, with increasing daylength and watering.
very nice zero

Mine also flowered, my agnata a week or 2 ago, and my moranensis had one open i think this week, strange, they went into the greenhouse in early summer, went into there cp leaves, no flowers, once i brought them inside they are still producing cp leaves and both flowered once. i don't think im going to get anymore as they should be starting to produce there succulent like leaves now.
sweet, my first ping is sending up it's first flower, it will be the first time I've seen one in person. Can I pollinate it?
jimscott, I don't really know much about the flowering cycle. I had a lot of flowers during the winter last year.
my watering is, I put about 1/2 in of water in tray let go dry for a day or two then repeat. photoperiod is natural+lights till 10:30pm. none of my pings are in succulent stage right now.
Okay.. you have a wet/dry cycle... 10:30 pm... does that mean a good 15 hours of light per day?
the soil never really dries the tray the are in is dry for a few day's, yup 15 hours is about right.
Do they get seasonal change?
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just the change in sunrise time. Most seem to change to succulent leaves anyway. I may need to experiment with letting my gypsicola dry out this winter. This is my first winter with them.
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P. gypsicola seems to require about a half year of succulent stage, the longest of any of the Mexican butterworts. They take like forever to wake up.