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  1. thez_yo

    TheZ_Yo's growlist

    ****************************************************************** -------------------------on order/coming soon/wait-listed--------------------------------------------- ==there doesn't seem to be anything here== *********************WANTS:************************************** not interested...
  2. xantius

    Pinguicula Clearance!

    I'm trading away a significant portion of my propagation stash of pings. I'm only looking for Neps, Cephs, and Heli's. I'm willing to trade multiple pings for one plant depending on value. Thanks! This is only a partial list and picture of what may be available (these are just what I have...
  3. CN

    Ping Ping Ping

    here are just a few of my Pings Sorry for the Crappy pic's still learning my Camera Pinguicula moranensis x moctezumae Pinguicula moranensis Pinguicula pirouette Thanks for looking Daren
  4. jimscott

    A Little Different

    All I've been getting to flower this year are P. gypsicola, moranensis huautla x ehelersiae, and moctezumae x kohres.... multiple times... and nothing else. Today I saw the emergence of something new and different to me - P. 'Aphrodite': And from a leaf cuttings:
  5. mobile

    Pinguicula gypsicola x moctezumae

  6. Mark Wilson


    Cephalotus typical Nepenthes ampullaria: green,red,speckled bellii and a few hybrids Drosera admiribilis aliciae capensis madagascariensis filiformis var.filiformis intermedia falconeri prolifera burmannii Pygmys callistos dichrosepala pygmae puchella occidentalis Pings acuminata...
  7. Baylorguy

    Drosera intermedia

    Hello - I have about 2 mature Drosera intermedia (location data is Brunswick County, NC I believe) that I would like to put up for trade. The reason? I simply cannot provide them with ideal conditions anymore. I am starting to specialize in Pinguicula and tropical sundews. My first choice...
  8. Rocketcaver

    Rocketcaver's growlist

    VFT: typical Butterworts: P. titan (unconfirmed ID) P. 'Pirouette' P. gigantea P. gigantea x moctezumae Sundews: D. adelae D. intermedia (temperate) D. venusta D. binata Sarracenia: S. leucophylla "Tarnok" S. purpurea (unidentified) Nepenthes: N. "gentle" N. maxima x spectabilis...
  9. F

    got pinguicula??

    was wondering if anyone had any extra pings not on my growlist they'd like to trade for nepenhes?? heres my growlist of pings: heres my growlist of pings: P acuminata P agnata X moranensis caudalta or [agnata x moranensis caudata] P. cyclosecta P gracilis x moctezumae P jaumavensis P...
  10. jimscott

    Newer pings

    P. gracilis x moctezuma P. gypsicola x kohres P. gigantea x moctezumae P. moctezumae? P. 'john Rizzi' P/ moctezumae x kohres (old plant) P. gypsiocola
  11. wolcottaj

    wolcottaj grow list

    Drosera: D. binata D. aliciae D. nidiformis D. capensis "red", "Alba" , "typical" D. adela D. prolifera D. admirabilis D. intermedia D. burmannii D. spatulata D. peltata D. belemi D. auricalata D. madagascarensis D. dielsiana D. vennsta Pygmies: D. roseana D. callistos D. lake badgerup D...
  12. jimscott

    Why didn't they flower?

    Last fall / winter I put many of Mexican pings at a west facing window sill that draws the cold from the outside. The leaves became succulent, responding to the cold, dryness, and lower photoperiod. I moved them all back to the rack, which gets southern exposure, along with a fluorescent...
  13. back2eight

    For Trade: Various nepenthes and pings

    Hi all. I am a returning user; it has been a few years. Anyway, I have ping moctezumae and medusina for trade(growng in tight clumps, you will probably get several of each instead of just one) And nepenthes ventricosa (red) and sanguinea, about 5-6 inches across, and I have nepenthes...
  14. jimscott

    Fresh Pictures

    P. 'Weser' P. gypsicola P. moctezumae x kohres & P. 'Aphrodite'
  15. Baylorguy

    Question about gracilis x moctezumae

    I recently acquired a Pinguicula gracilis x moctezumae that appeared to be somewhat in its dry state. Well, since I received it, it has shrunk to a bit smaller than a penny. it is still green in the center, but looks to have gone into a deeper dormancy. For those of you that grow this...
  16. S_Oregon_CP

    Calling all ping collectors!

    I am looking for any pings up for trade pm me and I ll let you know what I have to trade. I currently have Pinguicula 'pirouette' Pinguicula cyclosecta Pinguicula “fraser beaut” Pinguicula agnata x gypsicola Pinguicula Aphrodite Pinguicula sethos Pinguicula sp "Sierra Mazatecas" Pinguicula...
  17. F

    Ping dormancy

    I've never had a dormant ping before and when I bought this one I thought it was tropical, at least that's what the website said. SO how do I break this ping out of dormancy? It's been sitting with all the rest of my other tropical pings but I can see how skipping dormancy would mess it up...
  18. Crissytal

    Some Flower Pictures

    Here are a few flowers that I took pictures of. Go easy, I'm still learning the camera :). U. sandersonii D. indica 'Green Form' P. moctezumae And for fun, U. humboldtii Thanks for looking, Crystal
  19. Joseph Clemens

    New hybrid

    Just before I stopped watering my collection, I had pollinated a Pinguicula jaumavensis flower with pollen from Pinguicula moctezumae and had five of the resulting seeds germinate and begin to grow. Much to my surprise all five seedlings survived their extended dry spell and have again begun to...
  20. P

    Piscesilim's growlist

    Nepenthes N. gracilis N. ampullaria N. rafflesiana N. rafflesiana var. alata N. mirabilis N. albomarginata N. benstonei N. northiana N. ventricosa N. sanguinea N. bicalcarata N. truncata N. reinwardtiana N. stenophylla N. macfarlanei N. veitchii N. maxima N. sibuyanensis N. beccariana N...