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"Oh, now he's a philosophizer"
Hello -

I have about 2 mature Drosera intermedia (location data is Brunswick County, NC I believe) that I would like to put up for trade. The reason? I simply cannot provide them with ideal conditions anymore. I am starting to specialize in Pinguicula and tropical sundews.

My first choice is any ping I do not have on my growlist (please see the link at the bottom of my page). I would be interested in P. laueana and P. gracilis x moctezumae.

If not these, maybe we can work something else out. Thanks!

I have Jaumavensis at time's when I take leaf pullings, I am taking some for some people right now, Let me know if you want some. I also have esseriana.
Check out my grow list on the link below
Send ya an e-mail since your PM box is full.
FYI this is still available. Looking for more established pings.