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Joseph Clemens

Staff member
Just before I stopped watering my collection, I had pollinated a Pinguicula jaumavensis flower with pollen from Pinguicula moctezumae and had five of the resulting seeds germinate and begin to grow. Much to my surprise all five seedlings survived their extended dry spell and have again begun to grow. None of them have yet produced flowers, though one is much more vigorous than its sister plants, and I have hopes of its accomplishing this soon. Once I have flowers I will post photographs of the plants and their flowers.
Hiya Joe,

Now that does sound like an interesting hybrid. I created a cross last year between P. macrophylla and P. AnPa D that I'm waiting to set flower...

It seems like they slow down their growth when they know you're waiting! Just like my Mother use to say, "Watched water will not boil" Ignore them and they'll flower faster for you.... :grin: BTW, how is the Ping rehab process going?

Happy Growing,

Darn, I clicked on the post hoping to see pictures :) Oh well, I suppose I can wait. Joseph, can you tell which parent it is taking after for the most part?
Okay - here are some photos:

This group photo is, itself a hyperlink to a directory of other photos. I would say that they seem to take after their maturnal parent, since all five survived an extended dry spell, while about twenty of their paternal parent did not. Their physical appearance seems to be a blend of their two parents. One is a runt. One is all green, like their paternal parent, and the other three have some color like the maturnal parent, with one being more vigorous and more colorful than its siblings.

They have all recently been fertilized with a generous sprinkle of dried insect powder.
Thanks for the photographs Joseph. From what you can tell, is there any variation in colors? Just by looking at the photo it appears they have roughly the same coloring.

Great plants!
The largest one, on the back left - has the darkest hint of pink develop as its leaves mature. The other two on the back row also have some pink develop in their older leaves, though not as strong as the largest plant. The runt is too small to tell. The one next to the runt in the front row, has all green leaves, without any color, just like its paternal parent, Pinguicula moctezumae. It is difficult to determine this from my photographs, because I dusted all their leaves heavily with dried insect powder just two days before. In another week, or two, most of these leaves will be covered by new leaves and hopefully flowers (I'll take more pics then).
Sorry, I know I am bringing this post back from the dead, but I was wondering how these guys are doing. Any progress?

The largest one has a flower, the smallest one is still the same size, one died, the other two are a little larger and have formed multiple plantlets from the rosette base. I will add an updated photo when time permits.