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  • Still haven't forgotten my promise to send out some copelandii cuttings. Just haven't had time; but once school ends, expect to see a giveaway!
    Just cruising through the site. Thought I would swing by and say hello. The spectabilis x truncata is putting out a monster currently. Gonna be a nice one :)
    Take care!
    I think you were the one telling me you could get some serpentine soil for me if not let me know, thanks.
    Geoff Martin
    1303 n Liberty st #1415
    Boise, Id 83704
    I'll get you a pic of my extreme unction when it starts pitchering. What color are it's flowers?
    This morning a German Shepard wondered into our gym during school!
    Brokken, you good with Sarr seeds? I may need some help germinating. So far all my scarification attemps failed.
    Do you trade with a foreiner?
    I am from Brazil and have some nice Sarracenias and or Nepenthes to trade.
    Thank you and best regards,
    Marcos Ono
    Thanks for the very generous free shipment or pygmy sundew gemmae! The multicolored packing is really a hit.

    Happy Growing!`:boogie:
    Thanks! got the oreo, like two days ago, been busy so i couldnt have posted.
    Thanks for all the wonderful plants I've received from you! All of them look spectacular, i'm going to try to make a hybrid using one of your plants that i've not seen anybody mention ;) If it works i'll send you some of the seeds gratis!
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