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email me if you want to trade at : frogsintn3@yahoo.com

i have to trade:

N bellii x ventricosa rooted cutting 4Tx6W
N venta rooted cuttings 4Tx4W
N gracilis 'blk' x mirabilis 'winged' rooted cuttings 6Tx4W
N x trichocarpa 2 rooted cuttings 6Tx5W
N singalana 3"T x 4"W
N x judith Finn [spathulata x veitchii] 3Tx8W
N (thorelii x (spathulata x lowii) rooted cutting 4Tx3W
N gracilis (purple)2 rooted cuttings 4Tx4W
N. ventricosa red rooted cuttings 4Tx4W
P agnata (True Blue) 3 (1")
P gracilis x moctezumae 3 (1 1/2")

N splendiana x leesii [(anamensis*maxima)*(mirabilis*(northiana*maxima)] (male ) rooted cutting 5Tx5W

N x coccinea "victorian" [(rafflesiana x ampullaria) x mirabilis rooted cutting 6Tx6W

N maxima hybrid?? rooted cuttings 4Tx4W
N ventricosa x inermis rooted cutting 5Tx5W
N ventricosa x talangensis rooted cutting 7Tx5W
Brocchinia reducta pup
N globosa x hirsuta seedlings (4)
N thorelii x ampullaria basil shoots and (1) rooted cutting 4Tx4W
N distillatoria (rubra) rooted cutting maybe
N distillatoria (typical) rooted cutting maybe

will trade for things not on my growlist..i am looking for a good Cephalotus follicularis..
email sent
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I'll email you after school, lol!

Edit: Email sent!
Email sent!
Email sent.
Emailed ya