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P. moctezumae


What is and what should never be
It took this one awhile to settle in. It's finally doing pretty well and it decided to flower.

Flower Front

Flower Side View

Full View

Thanks for looking,
very nice, teach me in the ways of the ping mistress yoda

Great job!
Sweet! Are those runners in the same pot?
Very beautiful! This must be ping flower season. Mine are doing it too.
Thanks everyone for your compliments!

Sean - Those are actually leaf pullings, and they are in the same pot.
Hi Cryssytaallllllllll :) AWESOME!!!!
Nice. Is that a difficult ping to grow? I'm considering getting one
Thanks Rob! I haven't see ya around in awhile.

Ahmad - At first I found it to be a bit more difficult than other Mexi pings. It went through cycles of growing well to looking like it was declining. I'm not sure if that was part of the acclimating process or not. It's been growing nicely for awhile now. I'd recommend getting some experience with some of the easier pings first, then move on to moctezumae. If you are up to taking a risk though, don't let me hold you back.