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I am just starting to manage Weber State University's CP collection after being absent for two years and I need to get some pings identified. Many of the tags were written with marker and the labels are no longer legible. I am in the process of repotting all the plants into a better ping media and I would love to get the appropriate labels for them as well.

Ping1 - Labeled as Cyclosecta

Ping1a - Labeled as Cyclosecta

Ping 2 vs 1 - Both labeled as cyclosecta- true cyclosecta should be the plant on the right.

Ping 2 - Should be cyclosecta???

Ping3 - Should be reciprocal crosses I made of of P. [moran x ehlerisiae] 'weser' x moctezumae - maternal moctezumae right?, maternal 'weser' left? Lost all but a fraction of my notes

Ping 3 Flowers

Ping3 reciprocals vs P 'aphrodite' (far right)

Ping4 - No label

Ping5 - no label

Ping5a - no label

Any help is appreciated. Most of the original plants were supplied by JimScott.
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Edit: Nope I was totally wrong.
Sheesh, I haven't seen a real ping in so long I couldn't identify. Good looking specimen though.