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New Ping Settup

Okay everyone, I found this awesome, Victorian-looking, glazed ceramic washbasin in my grandparent's basement. It's mine now. I have been mulling over what to do with it for a few months now and i have finally decided. I want to dedicate it to some tropical pings. I need some advice though... here are my questions:

1. Can you mix different ping species provided they have similar needs? If so, which species would do well together? I really like the flatter rosette species as opposed to something like P. moctezumae.

2. What substrate mix would you recommend. I have an UN-IDed ping right now growing in a 50/50 peat and perlite mix along with some long grained sphagnum. It is doing quite well. Would that function well in for other tropical species?

3. I have noticed that the two pings I own seem not as greasy as other pings. They still digest insects, some they catch, others I feed to them. Is this due to lack of water? They seem to be growing quite well otherwise...

I think that is a good jumping off point. I will probably have more questions as this progresses. I want to do this the right way! Thanks!

The mix I use is 25% peat, 25% sand, 25% perlite, 25% laterite. It works really well! How shallow is this container and how large are the drain holes?
The container itself is about 6 to 7 inches deep but I think I could mound the soil a bit to deepen it more. Unfortunately, there are no drain holes. I take it this may be an issue?
Most tropical pings are Mexican species, and yeah, they do like good drainage.....
That could be an issue with this idea then... unfortunately, due to it's ancient nature, I don't think the washbasin will hold up to drilling a drain hole :/ Either way, I don't have to use it. But I still love the idea of a grandiose ping display. Are there any species that would grow well together?
6-7" is plenty deep for Pinguicula. You will want to make a drainage layer at the bottom and be careful not to over water too much. This can be done with hydroton (leca) or making a false bottom out of eggcrate. You will then want to put a layer of screen down to keep the media above the drainage layer. Ive used window screen before, but weed blocker works too (I prefer the screen as it drains faster). A 2" drainage layer will be enough and that leaves you with 4"+ of media which is plenty. Media can be anything from 50/50 peat to perlite like you have now, to complicated mixes with varying amounts of mineral and organic media. I prefer to use medias with 20% or less organics in it, but your media has to match the other growing conditions.

Most Mexican Pinguicula hybrids and species are very easy to grow and do well in similar conditions. Anything with P. moranensis in it is basically a weed and very hard to kill. If you make a list of plants you're interested in and post it in this thread I'd be happy to give my opinion on what will work easily and what wont.

I don't think your problem is a lack of water as far as "greasiness" (is that a word?) goes, more likely not enough light if I had to guess. Posting a photo will help people give a better answer though!
Thanks for all the input everyone!

31drew31 - Great info, thanks! It would be neat to try to make this washbasin work so I really appreciate the tips. Also, I will have to get some pics for you so you can see what I currently have going on.
Hey all,

It's been a while but I just started grad school so I have been a bit on the busy side. I have been looking over some ping species for ones that really stand out. Can anyone tell me about the culture of P. reticulata as well as P. laueana?

Also, on a side note, I am super fascinated by our native ping, P. vulagaris... has anyone here successfully grown them?
I have seedlings of vulgaris growing on, but it'll be a couple months yet before I'll say I'm successful with them.... though their relative P. grandiflora does great for me...
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Some people also mix crushed coral.