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Have a butt load of fresh A. Gigantea seeds available for trade
AKA: Dutchman's Pipe / Pipe Vine / Birthwort

Open to just about any offer other than LL Neps
Not really big on Dews but will consider plant / seed offers

Would happily trade as many seeds/seed pods as you would like {with in reason} for a P. Moctezumae
Would also be very interested in trading for some Genlisea and/or Drosophyllum seeds

Also open to Non CP plants cuttings seeds etc.

Will offer some up for SASE a little later on depending on how treade offers go



I know it's kind of ridiculous giving how many seed pods a plant will make & the # of seeds per pod
But these are kind of high end seeds that sell for approx. 50+ cents a seed / $4 to $5+ for 10 seeds on average

I Will Send a Full Pod+ Worth Of Seeds Per Trade / At Least 100+++ Seeds Easy / Not a seed counter

10 Seeds $5 + Shipping

10 Seeds $5 + $1.25 Shipping

10 Seeds $4 + Shipping
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PS~ Also open to "LIVE" Arachnid / Insect / Invert Offers

Interested In Non Native California Sp. Of
Spiders / Scorpions / Larger Beetles / Walking Sticks / Centipedes / Millipedes / Mantitids / YELLOW Banana Slugs Etc. & So On ???

Offer Is On Hold till I hear back from everyone who PM'd me
Did you get my PM ? I never heard back from you.
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I sent a second pm, but never heard bakc again. Did you receive it?
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I sent a second pm, but never heard bakc again. Did you receive it?

Don't think I missed any PMs ???
Were all good as far as a trade goes / If you're all good

Will reply to address request PM now
The last few days have been LOOOOONG ones / LOL

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Hey Eric,

The genlisea shipped out this past week. Let me know if they've arrived. Have you shipped seeds yet?

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gr8oz ~ PMed you ~ Got the plants {Thanx You} ~ Seeds are on there way


To anyone else who has PMed / Emailed me & hasn't heard back

Sorry / Will be replying to all

Some "@#!*%#" broken into my car last weekend & my laptop got ripped off
I just finally got a new & am back up & running