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Have a nice size Male Exotic Lady / Maxima x Talangensis Vine available
In about the 2 - 2+ foot range
Some brown & woody / Some green & growing
Making uppers
Still attached to plant / Will cut right before shipping

Pics of a cool Double Flower it made / For the fun of it

Feel Free To Email Me For Pics

Lost my greenhouse to a wind storm & quite a few plants along with it
So I'm pretty much open to "Most" HL Neps.

Would Really Prefer To Trade For Something That's Rooted If You're Willing
'Cause I'm NOT Really set Up To Deal With Cuttings Right Now
But I'm Open / All Is Good As I need to rebuild my collection

Also open to other CPs
That can survive outdoors in SoCal
Hottest 80s to mid 90s
Coldest~ Low 40s - 50s
Average~ 70s

*Mex. Pings
P. Moctezumae is on my want list

*VTF Mirror

***NO Dews***

Also open to Non-CPs
VooDoo Lilies
Weird / Odd / Bizarre / Strange / Unusual Plants
Stuff That I CAN'T Get At Any HomeDepot / WalMart / Nursery / eBay

***US Trades Only***