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  1. Acro

    Wanted: Pinguicula moranensis (or other easy "beginner" Pings)

    I am looking for Pinguicula moranensis (or other easy "beginner" Pinguicula). This will be my first butterwort! I have Freshwater Acclimated Red Mangroves and Albino Bristlenose Plecos to trade. Mangroves make great houseplants or bonsai and can be kept in fish aquariums. The mangroves I...
  2. Acro

    Trade: My Aquarium Plants/Fish for Your Pinguicula moranensis and/or Drosera capensis

    I haven't kept any CPs since I was a kid and I want to try some again. I will trade for your Pinguicula moranensis and/or Drosera capensis. I don't currently have any CPs to offer, however I would be glad to trade some Freshwater Acclimated Red Mangroves or Albino Bristlenose Plecos...
  3. S

    Seedlings & Spring

    I couldn't help but notice a correlation between the onset of Spring and faster growth with the Nep seedlings I planted from 10/21/2012 to 01/15/2013. Oddly it seems that the smaller the propagation box used the faster the seedlings grew or another way to look at it would be the smaller the...
  4. allegedhuman

    Marine Tank coral/algae for Temperate CPS?

    So I'm not sure if anyone here would be interested in these Algae and coral I have from my marine tank but I figured it was worth seeing if any of my extras would be of interest to trade for someone else's extras. I could go for something new :) I have cheatomorpha and caulerpa algae if anyone...
  5. S


    Has anyone ever managed to get algae or some crawling nasty into their intestines? I'm pretty resilient but two days ago I came from the plant room and consumed a Klondike bar licking the runny ice cream from my fingers as I went. I hope you are able to see the humor in this rather than being...
  6. V


    So I've decided to make an ecosphere for my desk at work. For anyone not familiar, it's a sealed environment normally with shrimp, some algae, a plant or 2, and a few snails. It's meant to continuously renew itself with only light coming in that is required for photosynthesis. A quick video I...
  7. Millipede

    what is this? moss? algae?

    it seems unfazed by my attempts to eradicate it with hydrogen peroxide its not actually white like in the pic, i should have turned down the light sensitivity on the camera. its a pale green and its fuzzy like a spider web..
  8. T

    Algae problem

    I have had a major algae outbreak in my terrarium within the last two weeks or so. Does anybody have any methods of getting rid of it? Thanks for looking Travis
  9. jwbates26

    Need some advice

    I have a culture of sphagnum moss and it is about to fill up the container its in so I am planning on trimming it down and taking more cultures of it. I noticed a while back there were tiny and I mine tiny black dots moving around. I believe them to be Oribatid mites. They are tiny black round...
  10. S

    Green Snot

    I assume this snotty looking stuff on the surface is algae or maybe an early stage in the life of a fern? Many of my Nep seedlings have this and a dark brown to black version beginning to cover the surface, it begins as a single bubble here and there and then slowly covers the surface. I am also...
  11. Keith

    Peat Prep?

    Hey just wonderin' if any of you microwave or do anything special to your peat to kill algae, bacterium, and fungii? I microwaved some a month or two ago and cyanobacteria and algae still grew and ruined a tray of seedlings. I thought I nuked it pretty good. As always, I "wash" my peat and...
  12. T

    Algae problem

    I just tried nep seeds for the first time and not only do i think that endeavor is going to be a bust but all of the sudden all my pots are filled with a nice thick layer of algae. It started with the trays of seeds for the neps and has spread to everything. any way of getting rid of it? Travis
  13. E

    Close-up photos of the underside of a hillstream loach

    Close-up photos of the underside of a hillstream loach (family Balitoridae) as it clings to the inside of the glass in my aquarium—you can clearly see internal structures such as the heart and skeleton. These fish live by clinging to the surface of rocks and submerged objects, grazing on algae...
  14. Nepenthesis

    Algae/Bacteria in Peat?

    There is this brown algae, maybe not even algae... Perhaps it is a bacteria. It is brown and it grows on top of the peat. I think I also have some of the same stuff growing in the water of my bog trays, it is like a film on the surface of the water. I don't know what it is or if it is harmful...
  15. C

    An interesting idea I came about for my Lowland Terrarium

    Far as I know it has never been done but my Lowlanders seem to Love it! all of them are having growth spurts atm. The increased vegetation seems to make for a more stable humidity since the aquatic plants are not efficient at holding in water so they seem to aspirate much more heat and...
  16. Keith

    U. gibba care?

    I recently lost some U.gibba which had been snuck into a fish tank I maintain with some java moss. I had noticed the bladders and very fine hairs coming out of them and kind of knew what the plant was. It was really more of a novelty to me and the aquarium owners untill my interest in CP's...
  17. mcmcnair

    Help! Algae overrunning my Sarracenia seedlings!

    I've got about 800+ seedlings that I'm growing out for my research project and I've repotted my seedlings multiple times to try and get rid of the algae infestation but to no avail. Literally one week after repotting the soil is already covered in the green menace. Does anyone know of any...
  18. vraev

    Non Traditional Iwagumi: My first nature aquarium

    Hi guys, I have been away for a while now from the CP hobby. Things are still slow and chugging along and the remake of my terrariums is still sometime in the future. But in the meanwhile, this is what I have been up to. Still having issues a bit with water clarity..it looks just a bit green...
  19. C

    help with algae pest in hybrid terrarium

    i bought one of those 10 gallon fish tank kits as all newbs do and decided to make use of some of the equipment. In the original configuration the plant sat in a pot in a few inches of water kinda like a bog terrarium but debris got in the water and kinda looked messy and clogged the pump...
  20. C

    cp newb just saying hi.

    I am working on a beginner cp collection. temperate stuff: I have a dionaea that is growing well. age unknown but looks like 3 or so. I have a d. capensis that is growing like a weed. I have a d. capillaris that isn't really growing but not deteriorating. I have a d. rotundafolia that just...