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  1. S

    Using utrics as ground cover

    I have taken to using U livida as a ground cover in my outdoor pots of Sarracenia.  It seems to retard moss and algae growth, and it holds the soil in place during heavy rains. I'd like to use a utric for the same purpose in pots of smaller plants, like pings and sundews. Any suggestions for...
  2. W

    Algae problem

    I was just wondering if anybody knew of a way to prevent or take care of an algae problem as you can see below. This ceph is in the same terrarium as the Drosera but shows no signs of algae and just a little moss. The only difference being that the drosera sits in water and I top water the...
  3. R

    Anyone tried lighting with t-5's?

    has anyone tried lighting their terrariums with T-5's? The come in color spectrums ranging from 6500K to 20K (and beyond but I expect your probably out of the useful wavelengths after you pass 10K) T-5's are more powerful than VHO's and Power Compacts, on the order of delivering about 300% more...
  4. Ozzy

    Wildlife in danger

    I read this article and I think it shows a perfect view of mutiple threats that can threaten a bog. http://msnbc.msn.com/id/6832243/
  5. S

    Green slime

    Hello everyone! My U.Tricolor I planted from a divided plant rooted well, but the soil is covering with some sort of green slime all over, I think it might be some sort of algae. Now I would like to know if any of you would know how to remove it without harming my poor defenseless utric? I...
  6. BigCarnivourKid

    More tips & tricks

    This topic pops up from time to time but I thought it would be fun to share some of our tips and techniques of our hobby again. For instance. We've all recycled the little bags we've recieved plants and things in by scribbling over the previous lable and writng a new one. But you can remove...
  7. T

    Algae covering my aldrovanda

    Hi everyone I'm asking for a few suggestions to help get rid of this algae problem. I have been growing Aldrovanda in a plastic container outside for the few months. All went well for a while but in the last month the algae has just spread all over everything. The growing conditions I have...
  8. T

    Microscope pics...

    I thought some of you might like to see some microscope pics. The pics of the wild utric (there were TONS of it and I just took a little piece to see what they were eating this time of year... the strange thing is that I didn't find any U. gibba... there were tons before. Maybe it's too cold? or...
  9. flytrap59

    Thanks everyone for the advice!

    I just wanted to thank everyone for the insights on how to deal with the algae which was engulfing my gibba. I tried just about everything to grow it as an aquatic but the algae would not go into remission. I visited a several local wetlands and noticed that the vast majority of utrics in...
  10. chloroplast


    Hello, I'm trying to setup a tank for aldrovanda poland. I've visited this forum, bestcarnivorous plants.com, and other sources of information. I think I have a lot of good information, but I have a few questions for anyone who is sucessfully growing these plants: Background: I want to grow...
  11. N

    Cleaning nepenthes area

    I keep seeing all the great photographs of Nepenthes and the tanks/greenhouses look so clean. What is the secret? Everywhere in my greenhouse it seems algae, ferns, mosses, and other green things crop up whenever the humidity is high. Do all of you scrub your benches, pots, and walls weekly? How...
  12. ChronoKiento

    Algae is evil!

    There is algae all over my utrics and on some of my seed pots. Will it hurt them? How do I get rid of it? I have some cleary3336 fungicide on it's way to my house and I was hoping that would work if nothing else does.
  13. B

    Daphnia - algae remedy?

    I noticed that one of my terrariums that had picked up a colony of Daphnia a while back and they didn't seem to harm the plants any. However this time I cleaned it out and sterilised the tank, they didn't return and I've been overrun with algae. Anyone know what its all about?
  14. A

    Help algae problem!

    hey, i transplanted my bare root cp's and they're doing fine, but later on the soil (perlite and peat) started to grow algae on the perlite and on the top of the surface of the soil, and the border of the pot is filled with it i tried algaecide -picking the soil off -poking holes and mixing the...
  15. flytrap59

    Algae in my u.gigga

    I started growing my first aquatic utric several weeks ago. (Thats a U.gibba BTW not a U.gigga!) It's in a typical 1/2 gallon fish bowl (peat/water mix) and seems to be spreading out just fine. However, I've noticed some algae beginning to collect along the branches.  I've read this species is...
  16. ChronoKiento

    Is this a fungus?

    Well this morning I looked at the tray that I have my Drosera Spatulata seeds sown in. I look really really close at them to look for some sprouts that may have popped up early. I really wasn't expecting any cuz I just sowed the seeds about 4 days ago. But there was one thing that I DID notice...
  17. M

    My first nepenthes, i may need some help

    Well, about 2 months ago I got a nepenthes for 10$ Canadian at a local greenhouse, I knew what it was and that it could be tricky to keep alive, but figured that the ever-helpful internet would see me through..... It's still alive, and growing pretty well, it seems, it has produced maybe 6 or 8...