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what is this? moss? algae?

it seems unfazed by my attempts to eradicate it with hydrogen peroxide

its not actually white like in the pic, i should have turned down the light sensitivity on the camera.

its a pale green and its fuzzy like a spider web..

time to change the media.
im 99% positive it's not mold
mold/fungus....most likely bortrytis
Looks like a form of hair alge that you see in an old aquarium?
I get the same stuff, I doubt it's bortrytis, doesn't behave that way. I removed all the live sphagnum that had it and placed it on screening. I was fertilizing with coffee and stopped that, and I also try and let it get a touch dry before watering again. Seems to be helping so far, but it only was about a month ago that I did this. Certainly isn't getting any worse now.