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Non Traditional Iwagumi: My first nature aquarium


Carnivorous plant enthusiast
Hi guys,

I have been away for a while now from the CP hobby. Things are still slow and chugging along and the remake of my terrariums is still sometime in the future. But in the meanwhile, this is what I have been up to. Still having issues a bit with water clarity..it looks just a bit green and hazy...not the crystal clear from ADA aquaria.

I do have glass lily pipes, but they are soaking in bleach as I am waiting for the brush to clean off the building of algae. Similarly, took out the CO2 diffuser to clean it, but ended up snapping it in my hand and cutting myself, so for now, using a red sea air stone which works surprisingly well.

Without further due, My very first aquarium right after a trim and a 75% + 50% watert change. The best look so far.





PS: I must say...this thing is a tremendous PITA. Almost everyday maintenance. My CPs are sooo much easier to care for. I don't think I'll be having aquaria for too long. Just too much work to and a lot more expensive in maintenance than CPs. But hey..atleast till my PhD is done, I'm going to indulge. ;)

Some older pics in the last 3-4 weeks. This setup was started almost two months ago. Started initially, broke it down 4 weeks later, then remade it.

Original version: 6949578180_98a1403407_z.jpg

Version 2: With ADA materials..riccia stone + riccia line.





Thats a very beautiful aquarium! For some reason i'm horrible when it comes to aquariums. probably because of the constant upkeep you mentioned.
Oh wow, very nice! I think amphirion had some going a little while ago... think he let nature run wild after a time though :lol:
Thanks guys. Yeah.. its just a lot of work to keep it in nice condition. Not to mention everyday feeding. But well, I guess I had to try it to find out for myself.
very nice Varun! you dare use riccia? hahahaha. i hear its a nightmare during trimming time. your setup looks great. will look awesome when you finally have that carpet!
Haha Jonathan. Riccia is among the fastest plants I have ever grown. I wanted to originally use HC exclusively, but it is a picky plant to get going, so decided to start with riccia. Its already a nice carpet and I have trimmed it and obtained a bigger 7-8" clump of it. I just need to keep remembering to turn off the filter before I trim it. lol!
Awesome tank vraev!
Looks like them to me
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do you trim with scissors down in the tank? i assumed you bought something seperately..? i've just been using two hands to "trim"
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Beautiful tank!

Thanks for sharing.
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Daily work...that's why I could never do this! Something told me CPs WERE alot easier...I am so glad. Your setup really rocks though!