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Help! Algae overrunning my Sarracenia seedlings!

I've got about 800+ seedlings that I'm growing out for my research project and I've repotted my seedlings multiple times to try and get rid of the algae infestation but to no avail. Literally one week after repotting the soil is already covered in the green menace. Does anyone know of any fungicides, algicides, pesticides, whatever that will get rid of all this stupid algae? I need a name and rate of application that will be safe to use on my sarracenia. Thanks guys!
Well, your main source of defense should be sterilizing the media by microwaving and/or washing it before use, and by making sure the water you're using is very low in total dissolved solids. After the fact, it's also helpful to use a sulfur-based fungicide to control it: http://www.amazon.com/Safer-5450-Ga...6781721&sr=8-1&keywords=safer+brand+fungicide. I believe some people also use diluted H2O2, but I haven't tried it. Simply scooping out the slime works, too.
I've done scooping and for the repottings we used fresh sterile media and the water is RO water, so its pretty low in dissolved solids. I think it's time for some fungicide treatments since we've exhausted pretty much all the other options. But thanks for the links. What dilution of the sulfur-based fungicide do you use?
The product I linked is already diluted and safe to use on the seedlings.
is that addressed at me or mato? I think a lot of fungicides are also algicides ???
is that addressed at me or mato? I think a lot of fungicides are also algicides ???

Just a general question to anyone and everyone who wants to answer... Using it for algae is news to me, but that's cool if it works.
Duplicate post.
You know what, I think I may want to step back a bit from that suggestion, McNair. Richjam does make a good point; although I spray the seedlings down with the sulfur fungicide to control mold and/or fungus, it may not be ideal for algal growth, and perhaps it's simply the sterilization process that has been controlling the algae in my pots.

It's a good product to have, regardless, but perhaps it isn't the answer you're looking for.
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what are you fertilizing the plants with? Only pots with huge amounts of algae, mosses, and liverworts have been those that I over fertilized . Found that placing the timed release fertilizer in root zone helped reduced this problem . It is where the plants need it and out of the sun light so it dosen't feed algae....
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put spring-tails in the pot , since I put spring-tails in all my pots no alga or slime
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I haven't fertilized at all yet. The plants are watered using the tray method. They are in individual cells in a 72 cell, cell pack. We used Fafard 2P media which is supposed to have no fertilizers in it and we sterilized it before using the media. When I do fertilized i will be using Miracid at 1/4 teaspoon per 20 oz of water.
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I'm in a communal greenhouse at my university where insects of any sort aren't exactly welcome. They spray pesticides every Friday at 3pm.
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Thez, the link you gave basically says cinnamon does nothing... So you say cinnamon will kill off your algae?
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I'm saying it's what I do and I can neither confirm nor deny that anything happens whether good or bad :lol: (like superthrive). I did have all the slime die from the top of my pots in my terra at work, but I'm not sure if it's the cinnamon or not.
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it's a conspiracy I say!!! Superthrive is just cinnamon water! The secret is out :-O
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I would guess its the media..
*something* is feeding the algae..
I cant find 2-P listed on the Fafard webpage, but the 1-P says:

Fafard Growing Mix 1-P
Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (80%), perlite, starter nutrients, wetting agent & Dolomitic limestone.

I think the 2-P might be the same, just with a different peat/perlite ratio..
If the 2-P also has "starter nutrients" or limestone in it, its pretty bad for Sarr seedlings..
just plain old straight peat moss is the best thing to use IMO..
no need to go with the fancy stuff..it can often be worse..

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2P is unique from Fafard in that it does not have the starter nutrients or limestone. All that is in it is Peat Moss and Perlite and the wetting agent which has no detrimental effects on Sarracenia. I use it for all my carnivorous plants that need a 2P mix. And I've been growing for multiple years now. I know for a fact it is not the choice of media. The plants were under fog nozzles all summer which were on for 8 seconds every 6 minutes from sunrise until sunset. The bench they were on is a breeding place for algae which is where it first came from. When repotting we tried our best to get all the algae off of the seedlings, but we obviously didn't get it all. The point is we now need to get rid of it for good, which is why I'm asking for suggestions for an algicide.
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Physan 20 is an algicide that's used for cleaning benches, pots and trays. It can be used as a fungicide also. I don't know if I would spray it on seedlings in concentrations used for sterilizing though. It comes with a little booklet with all the concentrations for various uses and classes of plants.