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Need some advice

I have a culture of sphagnum moss and it is about to fill up the container its in so I am planning on trimming it down and taking more cultures of it. I noticed a while back there were tiny and I mine tiny black dots moving around. I believe them to be Oribatid mites. They are tiny black round bugs that look like they may have white dots on their exoskeleton, but they are so small my eyes may just be playing tricks on me. I've found a picture of Oribatid mites and it does look very similar to what I have. What I've read about Oribatid mites is that they eat eat fungi, algae, and dead plant matter. They also eat dead springtails and live nematodes so they seem to be beneficial. I was hoping to include this moss into my new nepenthe setup but wasn't sure if it would be a good idea in case these insects were a problem. Would anyone have any suggestions on what else they could be? I know without an actually picture of them and going off a description is kind of hard. If, in fact, they are Oribated mites would it be safe if they spread to other plants? And lastly, if there is a problem how would one go about ridding their sphagnum moss from these mites in a safe way that wouldn't harm their moss.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments.
Kind of got buried.

Does anyone have advice on whether or not I should go ahead and use my sphagnum or spray it with something like need oil first?