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sarracenia: 'judith hindle', 'doodle bug', purpurea, purpurea x venosa, 'tarnok', 'hurricane creek white', flava, flava var cuprea, jonesii, alata, 'hummers hammerhead', readii, 'scarlet belle', various seedlings and young hybrids.

flytraps: typical, akai ryu, holland red, dentate, slim snapper, flaming lips, various seedlings.

drosera: capensis and hybrids, nidiformis, burmanii, binata (T form, multifidia extrema, marston dragon), filiformis, rotundifolia, pulchella, pulchella x omissa, helodes x pulchella, patens x occidentalis, alantostigma

pinguicula: wesser, sethos, debbertiana, moranensis x ehlersiae, Yucca Do 1717.

utriculara: bisquamata, subulata, sandersonii, pubescens, longifolia, alpina x endressi, calycifida 'asenath waite'

nepenthese: ventrata, talangensis

cephalotus: follicularis, 'emu point'
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