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So I mostly Grow VFT's with a few Sarracenia, I would love to try my hand at Sundews and Heliamphora but I don't have $500 to drop on growlights right now. There are a few things I have to trade and a few things I want which will be listed at the bottom. If I have any to trade I will put it in parentheses.

King Henry (several baby divisions)

DC-CL (I have at least one young adult division but I'm not sure I want to divide it yet unless you have something I really want)

Jaws (I have a large clump with at least three growth points and a young adult in the center plus another young division)

Paradisia (I have a young adult division)
Grun (I have babies)
Pink Venus (I have babies)
FTS Maroon Monster (several babies)
Akai Ryu (adult division and several babies)
G-16 (1-2 young divisions)

FTS Crimson Sawtooth
FTS Archangel
FTS Etna
Fine Tooth Red
Red Piranha
FTS Shogun Star
Royal Red
Cup trap (maybe some babies)

Alata (young division)
Flava Red Throat
Dana's Delight (beautiful young adult division)
Judith Hindle

In the mail:
Darlingtonia Californica (A fifteen year old Rhizome from man eating plants)

Aldrovando Vesiculosa

FTS Flaming Lips (from FTS)
Low Giant (from FTS)

Bohemian Garnet (probably an extra)
Korean Melody Shark (probably an extra)
G-17 Mega-traps (probably an extra)
Bristle-tooth (probably an extra)

Improved Cup trap (from here down is in a group order to a European supplier)
Red Cup Trap
Alien (the extras will likely end up on EBay to cover my order costs inside the next month. They will be fully mature specimens, an extremely rare and popular clone in the US.)
Red Burgundy
Red Shark Teeth

Any clone I don't already have, I especially like Red, strange toothed and colorful clones.

I'm interested in trying hardy Drosera and Pinguicula or ones that have simple over-wintering requirements.

I'm curious about other nice clones of Sarracenia.

Live Sphagnum Moss

Anything else, I'm always willing to try something new!

If you see something you want or have something I may want feel free to post and I'll be happy to work something out before winter hits! I'm in Atlanta, GA so my plants are living in high humidity and medium-high heat. In other words the perfect climate for Cp's. ;)

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