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Nepenthes maxima seedlings Giveaway Part III

I will be pulling out a few of Nep. maxima wavy leaf seedlings from this setup http://www.terraforums.com/forums/sh...uild-log/page3. I have not seen any signs of the wavy leaf trait in these seedlings so it is likely they are mislabeled or just too young. So keep that in mind and label accordingly.

All you need to do is post up an photo that you have taken yourself, of any carnivorous plant, the winner will be chosen by my 14 year old son!

The rules! People not following simple rules/requests has and will continue to reduce the number of giveaways I am doing, if you are not able or willing to follow these rules move on please.

1. Continential US only.
2. You must be an active(ish) member of the forums, if you only post in giveaway threads, move on.
3. We will be shipping out between 8 Nov and 17 Nov, so you must be able to work around that and we will pick the shipping day . No extra packing days or trips to the post office!
4. You post up a giveway some time before summer 2015, due to the cold weather coming shipping days are running out.
5. Send a paypal for postage of $5.
6. Did not win either of the other 2 Nep maxima giveaways.

Some of them are starting to color up and they are growing fast. Complete lack of any wavyiness so far.
DSC_0766 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
This Sarrencia is growing thirty five yards off the waters edge along the Straits of Mackinaw in the upper peninsula of Michigan! ! How's that for tough! 20140801_204533-1.jpg
I'm gonna exclude myself from the giveaway, but I'm offering your son a pic nonetheless!

catesbaei in from the same county in which it was originally described.

aerogrower is the winner!
Sweet! By the way this was the first native plant I ever found in its natural environment. Still amazing to me that it survives in that climate. Thanks rss.
Well guys I don't know what to say. The generosity and love of plants on this forum never stops astounding me. I received my "seedling" yesterday and I don't know where to start. First we have had an early taste of winter here so RSS held of on shipping to line up with a break in our weather. Next I received the box and to my surprise it was a large Styrofoam cooler, the type usually used to ship aquaria animals. Opening the box the plants were tucked in perfectly with a heat pack that was still very warm.
Now about this "seedling"! Even with my limited experience with cps, I have germinated and have some nep seedlings of my own. You have to darn near use a magnifying glass to see them! To call this plant a seedling is a stretch. This plant is a good three inchs across with a half dozen pitchers and more on the way! Wow thanks RSS for your generosity and I assure you I will give this plant as much attention as you obviously have. Im also pretty sure one of the leaves is showing the wavy leaf look? I will keep everyone updated periodically. Good growing everyone.