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Nepenthes maxima seedlings Giveaway Part II

I will be pulling out a few of Nep. maxima wavy leaf seedlings from this setup http://www.terraforums.com/forums/sh...uild-log/page3 and shipping is on us. I have not seen any signs of the wavy leaf trait in these seedlings so it is likely they are mislabeled or just too young. So keep that in mind and label accordingly.

All you need to do is post up an photo that you have taken yourself, of a weird flower, the winner will be chosen by my 14 year old son!

The rules! People not following simple rules/requests has and will continue to reduce the number of giveaways I am doing, if you are not able or willing to follow these rules move on please.

1. Continential US only.
2. You must be an active(ish) member of the forums, if you only post in giveaway threads, move on.
3. We will be shipping out between 25 Oct and 3 Nov, so you must be able to work around that and we will pick the shipping day . No extra packing days or trips to the post office!
4. You post up a giveway some time before it gets too cold to ship.

Some of them are starting to color up and they are growing fast. Complete lack of any wavyiness so far.
DSC_0766 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
Does this count ?
Thanks for the opportunity


My Utricularia nelumbifolia could use some trimming, I think that might make a nice giveaway. Some people call Psychopsis "flamenco dancing lobster flowers", which seems pretty fitting.

A hybrid Sarracenia flower from one of two populations of S. flava in Escambia county Florida:

a passion flower blooming in my greenhouse:
And the winner is..........davidgreen

Just need a shipping address PM'd to me.
I used to have that same orchid, Chris! I miss that one.

I received OP's last shipment of these seedlings. Awesome plants that are coloring up nicely. You will be happy, David!

Thanks for being awesome, Ross!
thank you! I just saw this post! ill PM you right now.