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My main interest is to have in my collection, every last known pinguicula so if you have one not on my grow list let me know. Beyond my Ping obsession i have very good luck with petiolaris and tuberous drosera and would like to enlarge my collection of them too. I always have lots of nepenthes and orchids to trade and most items on my list are available or will be available soon.

B. gigantea ‘Perth’
B. liniflora
B. filifolia

D. californica

D. muscipula
D. muscipula “Big Mouth”

D. adelae
D. alicia
D. auriculata “Red Form”
D. auriculata “Giant”
D. dichotoma “Giant”
D. binata “T Form”
D. binata var. multifida extrema
D. burmannii
D. capensis
D. capensis “Alba”
D. capensis “Giant”
D. capensis “Red Form”
D. cistiflora
D. diltato-petiolaris Darwin
D. filiformis filiformis
D. filiformis “All Red”
D. filiformis traceii
D. gigantea
D. graminifolia
D. graniticola
D. indica
D. intermedia
D. kennealyii
D. lanata
D. “Lake Badgerup”
D. macrantha
D. aff macrantha
D. madagascariensis “Botswana”
D. ordensis Keep River
D. paradoxa
D. paradoxa "pink flower"- Mt.Bomford
D. peltata sp. peltata
D. peltata var. flosia
D. petiolaris
D. prolifera
D. regia
D. regia “Big Easy”
D. rotundifolia
D. schizandra
D. scorpioides
D. trinervia

C. follicularis
C. follicularis “Hummers Giant”

H. heterodoxa x minor
H. minor
H. heterodoxa
H. “Tequila”
H. hispida
H. nutans
H. pulchella
H. tatei var. tatei
H. folliculata
H. chimantensis

N. “Holland Hybrid”
N. “Ventrata”

P. acuminata
P. agnata “Red Leaf”
P. agnata “True Blue”
P. agnata “Scented Flower”
P. agnata x gypsicola
P. agnata x moranensis
P. AL #13
P. AL “B”
P. “Aphrodite”
P. cyclosecta
P. cudata
P. ehlersiae
P. ehlersiae x oblongiloba
P. emarginata
P. esseriana
P. esseriana “Giant”
P. “Fraser Beaut”
P. “Florian”
P. “George Sargent”
P. gigantea
P. gracilis
P. gracilis x moctezumea
P. gypsicola x moctezumea
P. hemiepiphytica
P. heterophylla
P. “Hot Lips”
P. huahuapay
P. jauvamensis
P. “John Rizzi”
P. laueana
P. laueana “Triffid Park”
P. laueana “Fuchsia Flower”
P. laueana x emarginata
P. lebelulita
P. macrophylla
P. medusiana
P. moctezumea
P. moctezumea x sp. “Kohres”
P. moctezumea x gigantea
P. moranensis
P. moranensis “D”
P. moranensis “E”
P. moranensis “G”
P. moranensis “Huautla” x ehlersiae
P. moranensis “J”
P. moranensis “Rosie”
P. moranensis var. orchidioides
P. moranensis x ehlersiae
P. pachuca
P. pachuca ‘Clone M1’
P. “Pirouette”
P. potosiensis P343
P. rectifolia
P. rectifolia x moctezumae
P. rotundiflora
P. rotundiflora x hemiepiphytica
P. reticulata
P. “Seductora”
P. “Sethos”
P. sp. Sierra Mazatecas
P. sp. “Kohres”
P. sp. “Lautner 92/82”
P. sp. linz
P. sumidero #1
P. “Tina”
P. “Titan”
P. “Weser”
P. yucca do 1717

Temperate Pinguicula
P. grandiflora
P. lusitanica
P. macroceras nortensis
P. primuliflora
P. pumila
P. vulgaris

S. alata
S. “Danas Delight”
S. flava var. flava
S. flava var. rugelii
S. flava “Red Tube”
S. leucophylla
S. minor
S. minor “Okee Giant”
S. “Morrie” Burgandy
S. purpurea ssp. purpurea
S. purpurea venosa
S. purpurea burkie
S. psittacinea
S. “Stella Lucile” (not yet registered cultivar)

U. bisquimata
U. calcyfida
U. gibba
U. livida
U. macrorhiza
U. tricolor

disa x kewfoan
vanilla planifolia

I. lutea

P. louisianica

Dischidia vidallii
hoya serpens

Seed Sown 3/30/08

B. lamellate

D. lusitanicum

D. regia
D. hartmeyerorum
D. arcturi
D. natalensis

G. aurea

P. alpina
P. bohemica
P. balcanica
P. lutea
P. carulea
P. filifolia
P. agnata ‘El Lobo’
P. cudata “Alba”
P. moranensis “La Vuelta”
P. “Sethos” X “Fraser Beaut”
P. “Weser”

U. tricolor
U. tridentate

I am always open for trades so if you see something you want PM or E-mail me
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