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Hi! I just joined this weekend. I'm very new to carnivorous plants, but my journey with them started years ago. I have a koi pond, and while shopping for bog plants years ago I discovered this crazy looking thing labeled "pitcher plant." The only thing the label said was keep moist and give lots of sun. I put the pot in a place where it would get the most sun in the pond and left it alone for the summer. I honestly don't remember what happened to it except it died. My mom (the gardener) claimed it died because it was a tropical plant, and I accepted that for a while.

I'm also an aquarist and recently wondered what to do with my empty 20 gal that was previously a quarantine tank. I didn't want to do fish because I know I will be moving in the next year; by the time the tank is getting established I'd be moving it. Carnivorous plants came up in my brainstorming because I believed them all to be tropicals that would need a terrarium. And what cooler plant could I put in a terrarium?

I started researching as was blown away! I had no clue venus fly traps or Sarracenia (which I believe to be the plant I put in my pond years ago) were NOT tropical and were actually from a location just hours from me! And then I found the kicker: only use pure water and don't fertilize. The high TDS and nutrient content of the koi pond are what killed them before. NOT the cold weather like we thought.

So armed with this new knowledge I've started in the the world of carnivorous plants again. I am growing all of my plants outside. I have VFT, Sarracenia, and Drosera. I was lucky enough to find a local nursery that carries CP's in great condition. I'm also lucky enough to right next to North Carolina and within driving distance of some amazing nurseries down there. I'm growing all of these plants outside right now, but I want to pull the Drosera in for the winter, so I still have some carnivorous beauties when the Sars and VFT go dormant. :3 The Sars I currently have are purpurea, flava, leucophylla 'Tarnok', x catesbaei, 'mardi gras', and 'doodle bug.' And I just have two D. spatulata. I also have a couple orchid and a lithops for fun.

My other major hobbies include writing, photography (although I lack a good camera), and fishkeeping. I also enjoy kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing.
Hey girl! Welcome to the nutty world of CPs. Not just cool, but gorgeous, too. make sure to stick around in the chat box, too, lots of stuff happens real quick, and you can have questions answered pretty fast.

Again, welcome!
Welcome! I strongly suggest you join the Carolina Carnivorous Plant Society. There is a link in my signature. You should also check out Meadowview Biological Research Station. There is a big event going on there this coming weekend called Crossfest. It should be a great opportunity to meet fellow CPers and pick up some awesome plants.

Again welcome to Terraforums it's a great place to learn about CPs.
I take it you like moss, huh? :D

Welcome! Do you know of any places in southern Virginia where Sphagnum grows?
Welcome to the forum!!! Another great place to checkout is the CarnivorousPlantNursery they have tons of sarrs vft etc.
Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! (Well warm and humid welcome... I know southern summers). I saw the chatbox running last night when I logged on and was glad to see it active! I'll have to check that out some time.

I do like moss, Pineapple! How did you ever figure that out? ;) But I don't know of any spaghnum bogs around here. Most of the wetland areas around here are drained because of mosquitoes and developments. And I'm a bit far west for Sarracenia. I live in the Piedmont of Virginia. But if there are Drosera around Martinsville, VA I'll happily go looking on the public lands for them! I would like to contribute to the conservation effort.

Mason, that sounds like an awesome event, but I'll actually be in Topsail Beach this weekend. Going down there for the annual family reunion, but I was hoping I could get some recommendations from you guys of where to go to see CP's. It doesn't have to be in the wild, but botanical gardens or aquariums that have exhibits would be awesome to know about. I'll steal the car when the other girls go off shopping. Forget new clothes!
Hm. I think I talked to you on the other forum. TPT right? Anyways, nice to see you here.
Monster Fish? Yep! You gave me recommendations of where to buy plants online. I have those sites bookmarked now. Thanks again! :)
Welcome to TF! If you have any questions be sure to ask or make a thread:)
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Another Virginia member! You should seriously come check out Meadowview. I'm there most days of the week.
The CCPS is actually going to be in NC the end of this weekend and up until the 3rd. CPs are pretty hard to find on public property, unless it's a national park. If you're close to the Fredericksburg area we should meet up sometime.
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I just drove back from VA today and went through Martinsville. $3.19 for gas! :boogie:

(Martinsville is only about an hour away from me by the way)
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There are a lot of Virginians here! And yes, the low gas cost here is nice. I actually live in Danville, but no one ever knows where that is. They associate Martinsville with the speedway there (and also the generally better quality of living), and it gives them a better idea of where in the state I am.

I would love to go check out Meadowview one day! It's a good 3.5 hour drive for me so maybe when they are having a weekend event (and I'm not working grr) I can head on over there. I'm in the southernmost part of the state. Literally. I can see the border from my house.

It's sad that there aren't many CP's on public property. I know it's not going to look as good after the theft, but I still want to go see the Stanley Rehder CP Garden. If I have the time or can borrow a car I'd like to head down Carolina Beach Park and see their CP tour. I'm going to miss my plants and will need a fill while I'm there. I'll be in Wilmington so why not!

Maiden, the first time I ever saw your signature I planned to squish that bug and then feed it to my plants. Nice joke! ;p
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Oh nice! Danville is only an hour away from me as well haha.
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You should come meet up with us! The more the merrier.
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danville........I go to VIR about 3 times a year......really good BBQ joint there too. About 1.5 hours from me but still nice to see more 'local' people. Welcome.
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Welcome to TF!
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Graham, I am planning to come meet you guys at the Rehder garden tomorrow. I'm short and will be wearing a red shirt. Might have some other family with me as they will want to go shopping in Wilmington afterwards. We just got down to Topsail last night. Drove through a lot of rain and guess what it's raining again. Better that than drought. But it keeps us off the beach.

Bobby, I get out to VIR a few times a year, too. I love the ribs at the track! So good! I love all the food at the tavern.

Wow! There are a whole lot of us right around southern Virginia. We all seem to be like 2 to 1.5 hours apart.
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We got soaked at Old Dock! As soon as we crossed the gate it started down pouring. And the mosquitoes.... They were over 2 cm long and Jacobo's face was swollen from all of the bites.
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Hahaha! I managed to escape with just one bite from the garden. But were the plants as awesome as you guys described?