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I have a Begonia luxurians plant which is about 12 feet tall and produces tons of seeds. So I have more seeds than I can easily deal with. I gave a huge number to the American Begonia Society Seed fund. These are mainly seeds that were harvested after that point.

Here's the deal. Since Begonia seeds are tiny, and avoid the USPS rollers, they can be sent in regular envelopes, without padding. The cost to me is one stamp, or 49 cents.

I'll send out seeds if someone does one of the following:

A) Sends me a 49 cent stamp (ask for my address).

B) Sends me some carnivorous plant seeds of some sort.

C) Immediately (or close to it) starts a giveaway of some sort, postage required as appropriate.

This is entirely honor system, as I'll send seeds when I get your address.

I'm particularly looking for Nepenthes seeds of some sort to play with: fresh, preferably from one's own plants. For someone who can send such seeds, I'll expand the choices, and include seeds such as Rojasianthe suberba (white sunflower tree), Lotus jacobaeus (black lotus), Passiflora antioquiensis and/or Passiflora membranacea variegated, plus others... for particularly interesting seeds, I could always expand the choices to include cuttings, seedlings, plants, etc. a very long list...

In case you are not familiar with Begonia luxurians, here's my plant a couple years, ago, while still "small". It looks nicer without the stakes, however I had a bad experience with wind or animals knocking my plant down:

Here are the seeds. These are from inflorescence #8, which indicates how many of these I've collected. I have not actually tested this set, so I would really appreciate hearing back when viability is seen (or not, although unlikely). I have no feedback on these, but I have no reason to expect they would not be viable. They were harvested towards the end of last year.

I zoomed in on the ziploc bag which might have the fewest seeds, so you can see how many there are. I may add to this one, but there are hundreds in each:

Because the seeds are untested for viability, I'll add a second bag, with fewer seeds, of seeds that I know are viable (also from last Fall).

I have other seeds, that are tiny, and ship without padding. I can add one of the following (while they last, I think the only one that's in danger of running out is the B. dregei): Begonia dregei (bonsai Begonia), Begonia fusca (huge leaves), Begonia venosa (scented flowers), Petunia exserta (only naturally red Petunia, only hummingbird pollinated), Nicotiana mutabilis (changes color as flowers age). The B. fusca and B. venosa are from friends, 2014, and have been germinating fine. P. exerta is from 2013, my plant, and I expect they are still viable. I have not tested N. mutabilis (2013) for viability.

Begonia seeds are surface sown, in an enclosed environment to maintain high humidity. Here's a thread that describes some I grew last year:


I would caution not to start more than about 50 at a time.

So it probably makes sense to start a list. Obviously eliminate the (0) entry:

0) "name", "other seed (see just above)"

And message me your address at the same time.
1. Subrosa- Just the B. luxurians thank you, I'll get a sase on its way today!
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SubRosa, you already have B. luxurians seeds headed to you. I'm not keeping up on my emails (or my sleep!).
Well alrighty then! Thank you sir, I have a corner in my dining room that would be a perfect for one of those. It catches a bit of afternoon sun, and lots of stray light from one of my orchid setups. I'm really looking forward to getting this box!
I just wanted to show the progression of seedlings from one of my links above--mainly so people can see that even though the seeds start out tiny, they are not that difficult. I consider B. luxurians fairly easy as Begonia seeds go.

These are from some of the first seeds I got, sown in the middle of June. The inset in the upper left shows what they looked like in their original 3 inch pot, about 2 months after sowing--germination occurred at about 2 weeks. The larger photo shows the huge collection of seedlings after about 3 1/2 and 4 months. They grew fast! From that little pot I believe I got 59 seedlings. The palm shaped leaves don't start to develop until they are several inches tall, by the way...

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1. JDW - interested in luxurians, dregei, venosa. PM sent.
I decided over the weekend to chop back my big plant. It was kind of sad to do, because it was so tall. However it also blew over if windy, needed water frequently, even in winter, and was colliding with the Arbutus tree above it. Leaves only started at about eye level. So I really needed to cut it back and (soon) give it a bigger pot. I left one "cane" and also there is one emerging which far exceeds the diameter of the current ones. Besides those, what's left are essentially leafless canes that are cut off at 4-6 feet. There are signs of new growth on some of them. I imagine it will quickly regrow this summer, and hopefully it will bloom and make seeds again--another reason to do it now.

This is what the initial cuttings looked like:

After a bit of chopping: 11 pieces with leaves, 14 without.

Those are usually pretty easy to root in perlite, and they should make nice plants fairly quickly.

I still have plenty of seeds, and those are also faster than people might think.
Hi Does any one have Begonia Plant - Luxurians Seed that they can post to me in the UK.
Wiling to pay with PayPal.
Having problems getting seed in the UK and I think cuttings would not travel well.
Been looking for some time now when I came across this site.
Any help much appreciated as I would like to see how hardy this plant is in the UK.
Thank you.
South Yorkshire
1. JDW - interested in luxurians, dregei, venosa. PM sent.
2. An Isle Ate Her - luxurians and dregei. PMing now. Will do giveaway or mail you a stamp.
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Hey guys, this was a thread from the beginning of 2015, not this year....