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Give Away Aristolochia gibertii giveaway--only a few seeds

These are completely free for 2 people, but just a few seeds.

A friend just sent me some Aristolochia gibertii seeds. I'm going to keep a few, and send the rest to two people.

My friend says she doesn't get high germination from these seeds, but that seedlings pop up around her plant. So perhaps there are tricks to growing them. She says she buries them. I had always heard that it's best to surface sow, so as to expose to light. So it might be worth looking into how these are best grown.

Aristolochias are very cool non-carnivorous plants. They do capture insects--but for pollination, then release them the next day. So they do have flowers which are in some ways reminiscent of Nepenthes pitchers. Of course there's even Nepenthes aristolochioides, illustrating the similarity. I did start a thread a few years ago on Aristolochias--please update it with any you've grown.

Here are photos of Aristolochia gibertii:

And below are the seeds I received. Some are small, and probably not viable. The seeds were sent to me with one layer of bubble wrap. It's possible some seeds were damaged.

I'll split the seeds below more or less equally into three parts, start some here, and send the rest to two people.

I'll send these in a coin case, to protect the seeds from crushing. Feel free to combine this with the Passiflora foetida seeds I'm also posting, if both are still available.

Aristolochia gibertii and Passiflora foetida seeds.jpg