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  1. fredg

    Stenoglottis fimbriata

    Despite MrsG and I thinking the other was watering the plant S. fimbriata has thrown up an inflorescence. The re-pot was appreciated :-O
  2. fredg

    Ambush predator - Philodromus cespitum?

    This young femaile was "hiding" in an in bud Martagon lily inflorescence.
  3. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes boschiana Pollen Available Soon

    I have an inflorescence starting on my male N.boschiana, pollen should be ready to harvest in about a month. I would prefer that the pollen be used on a female N.boschiana or to make potentially interesting primary hybrids. Standard 50/50 split on all seeds produced. I will bump this thread as...
  4. R

    Fuchsia boliviana Alba. Completely free. Edible fruit, small tree in right climate.

    My Fuchsia boliviana Alba is blooming nicely. It makes a fruit from each flower, which is full of viable seeds. I've counted roughly 200 in the past, although I think it varies. The first fruits are about to plump up and ripen. I expect this will be within a week, roughly. I'll clean the...
  5. R

    Plant through a hot washing machine--will it survive?

    The plant in question is a bulbil of Furcraea parmentieri. I had grabbed a few (quite a few) of the lawn outside the SF Botanical Garden. I stuffed a bunch into pockets, and missed one, when my clothes went through the wash, set on "hot". Immediately out of the washer: I potted it up in a...
  6. theplantman

    Nepenthes bicalcarata 1 week away from blooming,

    Hi all, Out of sheer luck, our 5-year-old N. bicalcarata has decided to create its first flower stalk ever! The buds are still too primordial to sex the plant, but it appears to be a male inflorescence. I am willing to send pollen--not particular at all what it gets crossed with--for a cut of...
  7. T

    Skinny growth on Catopsis?

    I noticed last night that my Catopsis berteroniana has suddenly gotten quite "skinny." I see the plant every day so it was a surprise. I don't see signs of an inflorescence forming, and I've read that the plant only makes buds when it flowers, so I'm not sure what is happening. Does anyone know...
  8. R

    3 Furcraea parmentieri bulbils (aerogrower $2)

    Hopefully it isn't too late to post these guys. I just got an ID recently. Furcraeas are close relatives of Agaves. These plants are apparently hardy to about 25 F, although I don't know anything about this particular clone. Tropicos lists this species as from 2000-3000 m. So I'm betting...
  9. R

    Begonia luxurians seeds giveaway

    I have a Begonia luxurians plant which is about 12 feet tall and produces tons of seeds. So I have more seeds than I can easily deal with. I gave a huge number to the American Begonia Society Seed fund. These are mainly seeds that were harvested after that point. Here's the deal. Since...
  10. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes Pollen Wanted

    Hey all, I'm going to need some pollen for my female maxima (Sam Estes Clone CO225). Just noticed the inflorescence today so, there's still plenty of time. Standard 50/50 split on seeds. Thanks !
  11. David F

    Clipping an Annual's flower

    Is there any good reason to clip an inflorescence of an annual sundew? I'm referring to Drosera indica I have in a greenhouse, they have been doing marvelous and aren't quite huge yet, I'm wondering if I should clip their tiny flowers now? The plants feed fairly regularly on the insects of the...
  12. Kitkor

    × Cremnosedum 'Little Gem' (Succulent!) (catrus $15)

    Hey, you succulent people! Errr, well, you people that love and collect succulents! This little beauty is an honest and hard-working hybrid. Or not. It depends on whether you lump or split Cremnophila and Sedum. Regardless, × Cremnosedum 'Little Gem' is a great plant. Read more about it at...
  13. pebes

    Pollen available: N talangensis

    Hello all, I've got a male N talangensis that has just started revealing a fairly large inflorescence. I would imagine the first flowers will mature in late February. My preference would be to find a female talangensis that is searching for a suitor, as i don't usually grow hybrids. My...
  14. Wire Man

    Drosera venusta seed SASE

    I have 1 packet of Drosera venusta seeds available. WHoever can guess the height of the inflorescence wins.
  15. Kitkor

    Stylidium debile, the frail triggerplant (Ozzy $10)

    Up for auction is a decent clump of several mature Stylidium debile, the frail triggerplant. But don't let the common name fool you. It refers to the delicate nature of the inflorescence, not the robustness of the plant. If you haven't yet tried growing this genus, S. debile is a good starter...
  16. SEELE1

    Drosera burmanii

    The inflorescence stalk of my D. burmanii is as of today over 7 inches tall (actually it has a support 'cuz otherwise the weight may uproot the plant) and has over 12 blossoms developing... However... The irony! The plants seems to be dying! I assume it is 'cuz it is hard for it to sustain...
  17. lance

    Black Friday Nepenthes shopping

    I was up in San Fran and decided to stop by Peter D Amato's nursery/collection and take some pics and get some new additions too!! I forgot to bring my D70 so I only got a few Iphone pics. Nepenthes eymae struttin its amazing lowers. This clone was the first ever plant stumbled upon...no...
  18. joossa

    Ibicella 2011

    Hey everyone. I was able to finally grow Ibicella this season. I have tried growing it since 2009, but never got established plants (most likely due to using old seed leading to very low germination rates). Although I got plants to grow, set fruit, and produce seed this year, I was not as...
  19. C

    Help with Id

    Hey All, Bought this a few years ago as a small plant and as you can see has grown into a monster. Need help with its id? The adult had a tall branching inflorescence. Click image for larger. [/URL][/IMG] Thanks, Cody
  20. M

    Genus ID for a brom?

    I won a houseplant giveaway from a blog that I read and one of the plants that the lady sent was this bromeliad. Since it doesn't have an inflorescence, I'm guessing that it would be difficult to identify the species, but could anyone at least tell me the genus? <a...